Rebecca Cotzec 2.0

I considered using this post as a re-introduction, but for all intents and purposes that would be a waste of words. My name is still Rebecca Cotzec. I still have the same job, I’m still planning a wedding and on the surface, everything is still… View Post

Why I Will Always Advocate For An English Degree.

The other day, I had a realisation that knocked me for six. I first started university almost ten years ago. Ok, if we’re being picky it’s nine years, but the point is the same. I am getting old. Praise the lord for anti-aging creams. When… View Post

Why I’m Feeling Positive About 2019

Way back when I was doing my first degree, we had a lecturer named Angelica. And Angelica was a Woman Who Meant Business. If anyone dared to sneak in late, she would stop to call them out in front of the whole lecture hall. A… View Post

So, Are We OK?

I feel a bit sheepish writing this, as if I’m crawling into bed with a lover after an argument. An argument in which I realised approximately half way through that I was wrong and that I was acting like an arse. I feel like I should be turning to… View Post

Learning To Let Go With A Trip To Russia

Call me an optimist (or maybe delusional) but at the grand old age of 26 I like to think I know myself pretty well. I know it all might change, but for now I know what I value. I know what motivates me. I know… View Post