How To Postpone Your Wedding

How do you postpone your wedding? It’s actually fairly simple. Step 1: Take A Deep Breath. Here is a post I never thought I would write. Even before the lockdown was announced, we were quietly muttering to ourselves that the wedding might not go ahead… View Post

The Big Day: Things You Need To Remember Before You Go Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping can bring a whole host of emotions, who to invite, what to wear and how many places to book into? Whenever I spoke to people about our wedding, most of the women were amazed I hadn’t started wedding dress shopping yet. Even… View Post

Searching For Your Wedding Venue? Here Are Five Things You Need To Consider

Planning a wedding is exciting, all-consuming…. And if it’s your first time (like me) then it can be a bit overwhelming at the start. Because, to put it bluntly – where the hell do you start? I began with a frantic Google search, but many… View Post

The Big Day: We’ve Started Wedding Planning!

Last year when Craig popped the pretty question I was so, so happy. I was so excited to start planning and brainstorming and buying new stationary. Yet life got in the way, and now it’s been almost a whole year of engagement without a sniff… View Post