7 Good Things – 01.03.2018

Another week, another list of good things! I think the last Good Things post may have jinxed us, as no sooner did I write about not having to defrost the car, we got hit by the Beast From The East, and honestly I’ve never seen… View Post

5 Changes I’m Making Today

I can’t tell you when it started, or how it started… but for a while now, something has been ‘off’.  Things I used to enjoy no longer brought the same level of happiness, I’d lost my drive and felt constantly on edge. Then I started… View Post

7 Good Things – 19.02.2018

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit afloat and, to put it bluntly a bit crap (more of that in future posts.) This weekend however it was as if the clouds lifted, I felt lighter, more focused and more positive. I was ready to finally get… View Post

2017: The Biggest Year Yet

I’ve tried to write this post at least four times, but I’m hoping that this second glass of wine will help make it flow. After all, what excuses do I have? At the start of 2017 I promised myself (again) I was really going to… View Post

Our Engagement Story

It’s been over a whole month since I got engaged. Firstly, how fast has that gone? Secondly, I wanted to do post on it for a while, but knew I wanted to talk about it in real life with some of my favourite people first.… View Post