The Life You Lead, Is The Lesson You Leave

  Hey there stranger! First of all, I’d like to declare myself queen of the basics, and confess I bloody love a good quote. Stick it in a fancy font, and on a blogger-esque background and you can safely say it will end up as… View Post

Good Things – 15.07.2017

Lately I’ve been reading Ice Cream For Breakfast (so prepare yourself for a blog post on that baby) and it’s got me seriously re-evaluating how I want to spend my time. And looking at my Good Things for the week just gone, I can see… View Post

7 Good Things – 17.07.2017

Date Nights – The weekend just gone me & Craig headed out for cocktails and food. Admittedly with things being a bit hectic recently we’d let date nights slide. Or at least date nights that were ‘out out.’ But it was really nice to be… View Post

7 Good Things – 10.07.2017

The weekly round up of good things is back! To be honest I don’t know where it went, the good things didn’t stop exactly I guess I just got too busy to actually take note and appreciate them properly. My bad. I’m hoping to get… View Post

The Only Thing You Need To Know About Self-Care

Self-care is a bit like that extra tenner in your bank account, the moment you need it most is exactly the moment it seems long gone. Maybe it’s an age thing, but I’ve started realising it is so much more important than I once did. I… View Post