On Loosing & Finding My Personal Style

Fun fact – I never understood why women shied away from red lipstick in the work place. If it makes you feel like you could take over the world and smash your targets, why the hell shouldn’t you wear it? And then I got hit… View Post

The Denim Dress Of Dreams

I feel like I’ve almost forgotten how to blog. Not the best, when you’re supposed to write blogs as part of your day job eh? Lately life has been pretty brilliant but pretty darn busy. Within the space of three weeks I created a strategy… View Post

May’s Mini Primark Haul

As I sat down to type this, it dawned on me I don’t think I’ve ever done a haul post before. I mean, I might have done, but I’m 98% sure I haven’t. Surely it is some sort of blogging sin that in over a… View Post

Packing For a UK Mini Break

This weekend I’m using one of those oh so precious holiday days, and setting off on Friday for a long weekend away with The Boy. When I first mentioned to people that we were going away for the weekend, reactions were mixed given that we… View Post

That Time I Decided to Sew My Own Clothes…

For those of you that don’t know, I work in the marketing dept of a company that sells fabric both to designers and people who like to sew things at home. We’ve recently launched a competition where you can win prizes for sharing photos of… View Post