Life / August 14, 2018 / by Rebecca Cotzec

So, Are We OK?

I feel a bit sheepish writing this, as if I’m crawling into bed with a lover after an argument. An argument in which I realised approximately half way through that I was wrong and that I was acting like an arse. I feel like I should be turning to you tomorrow morning and asking “erm… are we ok?”

If you (like my imaginary lover) have been wondering what the hell has been going on with this little blog and my passion for blogging, let me explain.

Way, way, back in April I found myself busy at work and with a uni deadline looming. Then we also started house hunting, because let’s face it, after time spent getting a deposit together who wants to wait any longer?

And so, as my to-do list grew longer, blogging fell down my list of priorities. Again.

We then bought a house, moved in and played happy families for a few weeks. Then the bad news hit – it isn’t really my news to share but let’s just say it was totally unexpected.

It’s impact was hard. Sudden. Overwhelming. Whilst it didn’t affect me directly, it meant wishing the world would stop. Wanting to pause life, long enough to be there for the people you love.

As the weeks and months wore on, this little blog would dance across my mind but I’d tell it to sit down, go back to the corner, go back to being ignored. Other than making it through the days, I wasn’t doing anything ’blog-worthy’ (let alone Insta-worthy.) Besides, when the world feels busy and harsh, it can feel wrong to set time aside for things like this.

Which is ridiculous, even if I say so myself.

Having a space to be creative, to build, to explore new ideas and let the mind wander is nothing to be guilty about. Taking time out to be creative can help you escape from day-to-day life, even if it’s only for a ten minute respite.

During my time away, I convinced myself I’d fallen out of love with blogging. That I didn’t have the time nor the patience to grow the platform. In short, I forgot why I started. I forgot that creating was not about the possible rewards it might bring, it was about having a voice. Sharing your story.

But now I’ve remembered, and in this rambling post once again declaring: I’m getting back to blogging. (Again.)

  • Oliver August 14, 2018

    I had an on and off relationship with blogging. I tried to do it on the regular but it was so hard I eventually gave it up. Audiences crave content and consistency but humans are humans and it’s not always possible. Regardless, you should only blog when you feel you have something worth saying. It can’t be forced and still be effective, much like any creative outlet.
    I’ve thrown myself back into writing recently. It feels stupid to have ever been away. Life without writing is some of the darkest times I ever had, when I write, I feel purpose and complete.
    I hope you find what you want and need 🙂

    • Rebecca Cotzec August 22, 2018

      That is so true, I think with blogs there feels a lot of pressure to always to have ‘something’ to say, and sometimes there’s just not that much!

      I’m so glad to hear that you have started writing again and that it is bringing you a sense of purpose, I just know that you are going to create a masterpiece when the time is right Ollie. Thank you so much for your lovely words.

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