Autumn Winter Accessories that last for Years, Black Leather Ankle Boots, Dark Lipstick, Berry Trilby, Nude Nails, Big Scarf

The Only Winter Accessories You Need.

Autumn Winter Accessories that last for Years, Black Leather Ankle Boots, Dark Lipstick, Berry Trilby, Nude Nails, Big Scarf

This weekend, I yet again dragged the boyfriend ‘Christmas shopping’ and managed to get one stocking filler. On the other hand I managed to get myself some sassy new autumn accessories. Oops. This Christmas shopping thing can be kinda hard when new collections turn you all self-centred.

In my defence though, these buys are the sort of accessories that will see you through winter year after year.  While I love seeing the new shapes and combinations used on the catwalks, there are undoubtedly the same iconic pieces that feature year after year, and the following buys cover all the bases.

  1. Black Chunky Heeled Ankle Boots.

Sure tan does add a subtle pop of colour, but black can and will pair with anything. I love the chunkiness of the heel on these, their strong without being part of the ‘hey you guys, look how hideously chunky and platformed these shoes are’ crowd. Strangely these Primark boots are managing to be both stiff and bouncy. If you seem anyone walking around like a springy Frankenstein it may possibly be me.

  1. Nude Nails

This one has been fighting to get on the list, nearly losing out to British Racing Green. I know we’re all supposed to be moving to navy, dark red and black, but part of me just can’t commit myself to dreary nails just yet. Nude nails, with a warm undertone are a timeless look – and if you’re feeling like a lazy sod and don’t feel like putting base coat on, you don’t have to worry about staining your nails and feeling grubby forever more. #LazyGirlWin

  1. The Scarf that Feels Like a Cuddle

The bigger and softer the better. Forget meek little thin things, or things that can be actually tied round your neck like when you were little. If it’s all big and snug, you can wrap it round whilst wearing a leather jacket, and it’ll make you feel like you are normally seen on Pinterest not just waltzing down an average high street. Promise.

  1. Berry-toned Hats.

When it comes to autumn/winter accessories for the last couple of years I’ve just wanted to chant berryberryberry! However strangely, this is actually the first berry-toned piece I’ve bought, apart from lipstick. And maybe a purple furry-Russian style hat (yes, that happened.) Berry tones are immensely flattering from almost black, to the more pinky-toned ones I can practically guarantee that there is one too suit everyone. I do think the mid-dark toned ones work the most, as they go with more outfits and aren’t to over powering but that’s just me. Try to opt for a stronger, clearly defined shape when it comes to the hat; because if your gunna wear a hat, ya gotta go all out.

  1. Dark Lips

I’ve always been a bright lip sorta gal. So a dark lip always should have been my natural winter go to. But it never has been. I think because I am so pale I was always secretly a bit worried that it would make me look mega gothic. Not like the ‘glam gothic’ you see in magazines, more of the ‘I want to be a vampire’ sort of look. When I picked up this babe, I must have been feeling brave and it is now my new favourite thing. Sound the claxon. It is dark but a definite red, like a good wine; in fact when I wore it to Paul’s for the first time, he asked if I’d been drinking wine… I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. But ignore him; a dark lip is a dream.

I feel like I’ve made a lot of promises in this post – from feeling Pinterest worthy, to find a shade to suit you, but I’m gunna make another. Good things come in three’s they say, so let’s go out on a limb. Even though you should be buying for others, treat yourself, these buys will last a good few seasons, so when you look at it like that, it’s more of an investment. And you, my dear friend, are worth an investment (and some kick-ass boots.)