tube skirt crepe blazer black outfit suede shoes orange retro

Outfit of the Week: A Pop of Citrus

tube skirt crepe blazer black outfit suede shoes orange retro

Last week, the boyf turned 24. I know, how did that happen?

To celebrate we went out for a meal at a new restaurant as our normal haunt had closed down (slightly still heartbroken, but hey ho)

As we were going to a new restaurant, I wasn’t too sure what to wear… I didn’t want to be massively over dressed, but I still wanted to look dressier than normal. As such, I decided to play it safe (read: boring) then add a splash of colour.

I wore a jersey tube skirt, and black vest top (which is actually pretty similar to this post) but smartened it up with a black crepe jacket. I love how fitted this jacket is, without the need for buttons or central zips, I think the gold zips on either side also just give it a little bit something more.

Sticking with the gold, I went for a gold/metallic smokey eye look. Having never really worn metallic eyes before, I wasn’t too sure how this look would pan out. I love gold eyeshadow when you see it in the magazines, but then again, none of the models are ever quite as pale and pasty as me. The eyeshadow was part of the Poudland haul from a few months back (you can read about it here) and was quite a soft gold, not a glaring, glittery in your face gold. It went on like a dream and stayed put all evening. So that was good. You can kinda see it on this selfie (it is blurry but it was the end of the night, forgive a gal, yeah?) from later on in the night.


As the outfit was quite toned down, I felt it needed something to give it a bit of a punch, so out came these old statement shoe-boots. I say old, because they actually are at least 3 years old from when I worked at Pavers.

Retro in style, with bright orange Italian suede, what’s not to love? I adore these shoes, though I don’t wear them often enough (who knew orange didn’t go with everything) I imagine if you’re a bit taller and more tanned, they would look even better. But even if you’re 5ft 3inch, I think they still look pretty babein.