outfit of the week rings and tings next jeans perfect jeans

Outfit of the Week: The Perfect Jeans & Rings and Tings Haul

outfit of the week rings and tings next jeans perfect jeans

OK, call me paranoid, but whenever I do an Outfit of the Week post that even hints at Spring or Summer, the weather then decides to turn gloomy and cold. So cold in fact I spent a good portion of this morning de-icing the car. And I will probably do the same again at 5:30 am tomorrow. Sob.

Anyway, on to the outfit! I chose this outfit mainly because I love this jacket (last years) but also I’ve just bought these jeans and oh my word. Any girl with big bum problems will totally get what I mean when I say if a pair of jeans fit your bum, they don’t fit your waist. If they fit your waist, they threaten to split open on the ass. These jeans from Next have won the eternal battle. They fit everywhere! They also feel weirdly springy. So big up for skinny jeans you can actually bend in.

rings and tings outfit of the week next jeans slim and tone
This outfit also let me wear three of my newest accessories and current faves. No, not the knock-off Channel shades ($5.00 from Crete) but all my lovely goodies from Rings and Tings.

The name of this online store makes me feel a little bit gangasta, ya get me? They stock my favourite sort of jewellery – affordable and fashionable. Seriously, if you buy a ring from here and accidently leave it on the side of a sink in a public loo, it’s not a big deal financially.

I don’t normally buy into the whole ‘simple and delicate’ necklace thing, I’m a statement girl at heart, but I do adore this one. In fact I think I’ve worn it with every work top and vest top I own. It’s two tiered, which makes it feel a bit fancier (I’m easily pleased) and can be thrown on to pull an outfit together.

Rings and Tings Necklace

The ring actually fits, which is an unusual bonus for someone with tiny hands. The arrow shapes also make me feel like I should be all dynamic and ambitious when I wear it.

The bracelet is also from Rings and Tings, and is my exact colour. You know when numerous people tell you that you suit a colour, so you buy anything you can in that colour? Well this one’s mine – just letting you know in case you fancy treating me, ya know. It’s made up of lots of thin separate cords, each with a gold bit on at different places. When my boyfriend first saw it he thought it was some bobbles, but after putting his glasses on he decided he liked it. So there’s that.

I like the bracelet, because although it looks kind of girly and delicate it doesn’t feel it. You can wear it anywhere, doing anything.

rings and tings outfit of the week

So there you have my outfit of the week, hopefully when I go shopping this weekend whatever I buy (and blog about wont jinx the weather.) It may feature more jewellery though – it’s a few days until pay day and I already have another basket full. Oops.