taupe dress new look, 1940s style patent red shoe

Outfit of the Week: Whatever Floats Your Taupe…

taupe dress new look, 1940s style patent red shoe

A taupe dress… it doesn’t exactly sound like something to get excited about does it?

I do like this one, however. I bought it last month from New Look, to wear to a ‘lunch hour wedding’ – Just to explain – this isn’t the latest fad for lunchbreak services (I hope) this was the big boss letting us out for an hour or so to attend a wedding.

Because I would be working before and after, and the wedding was quite a relaxed affair with a quick service, I didn’t want to wear something mega fancy. That said, work pants and a blouse just wouldn’t cut it. So along came this little garment.

A taupe chiffon dress, with an all-over floral dusky pink print, I was wearing a bright-ish lip with this outfit – however the crappy lighting on the day of the photo means both the lip and the dress look a bit more washed out than in the flesh. As this was actually taken on Saturday morning (the day after the wedding) I also look knackered – but apparently I can’t blame the lighting on that one.

The dress has an empire line cut, meaning the skirt starts right under the bust. If you ever want to feel like a low-key Disney princess this is the cut for you, because let’s face… I bet you can’t think of one that hasn’t donned this style of dress.  The frills around the neckline and shoulder also make you feel really feminine and pretty and graceful and the like.

Taupe and beige clothing always reminds me of the post-war era and 1940’s fashion, so I paired this dress with a 1940’s style patent shoe. The fact the dress needs brightening up is another brilliant excuse, because believe me, while red shoes are all well and good, finding an outfit for them regularly is another matter.

hush puppes red patent 1940s style shoe taupe dress

The shoes are from Hush Puppies, I know… I sound about 80. I got them from when I worked in a neighbouring department to them in a retail outlet; but they are oh so pretty.

I proper pillar box red, with real ribbon ties. My life feels complete just thinking about them. Although with the ribbon being that chunky they do have the tendency to need tying back up a few times a day. A point in their favour though is that they also have some really pretty scalloped detailing and stitching, just to give them an even more vintage feel.

So there you go; some fashion inspiration for a lunch hour wedding. I bet you don’t get that every day.