grey two in oneautumn knit top

Outfit of the Day: Autumn Knitwear

grey two in oneautumn knit top

I was going to name this Outfit of the Day ‘The Long-line Knit’ but on looking at this photo it just doesn’t actually look that long, it just feels it. This blog post was created in between delivering Eid presents to the neighbours; so if you’re celebrating Eid tonight have a good one!

Now that the winter weather is drawing in, I’ve started eyeing up the big jumpers. Alas, it hasn’t quite been that cold so those bad boys have stayed relegated to the closet. I’ve been wearing this top to work practically every week since I picked it up from Primark along with the ‘outfit of the day’ t-shirt.

It could be just another plain boring jumper to throw on when you can’t quiet be arsed rummaging through the closet you absolutely, 100% will tidy up at weekend. Yup.

I think the fake-shirt bits (fake-shirt bits… I feel like these should have a more technical term…) just up the ante a bit, especially the way the bottom hem is cut into a slight curve. For some reason having a curved shirt flapping about makes me feel a bit like a cross between a butler at the end of the night and a slightly drunk toff.

Because the top is plain, I do feel that it needs a bit of something, so I’ve added my ‘clock’ necklace from Accessorize. I got it way back when, but love how individual it is – I’m yet to see someone else wearing it.

Anyway, I’ve teamed this jumper with some plain navy skinny jeans and my L K Bennet heels (which you can see in more detail here.) I say I’ve teamed this with jeans as if this is something out of the ordinary but patterned jazzy pants scare me slightly so jeans are the current go to.

With regards to make-up, I thought ‘go bright or go home’ so went with the brightest red lip I could. It doesn’t look to bright on the photo, which is a shame, but when I wore it for a work outing it flashed up in the big boss’s review mirror and she muttered ‘Christ that’s bright.’ So trust me; it’s pretty damn bright in real life.

In other news I’ve just bumped into a friend who noted that ‘I’ve heard your Mum’s bush is quite popular’ which is a lot more innocent than it sounds. In the last few days my dad cut the garden hedge into a caterpillar… So far BBC Radio Lancashire has covered it and The Sun and The Mirror have been taking photos and asking interviews. So yeah, new claim to fame for me.