outfit of the week fashion blog red primark blazer, newlook body con striped skit

Outfit of the Week: The Wannabe Butlin’s Rep

outfit of the week fashion blog red primark blazer, newlook body con striped skit

In an ideal life there would be more photos in this post, to convey just how much I’m loving this jacket. It would also help brighten it up, however my usual photograph is in Europe on a business trip and everyone else who I could blag are (strategically) busy. As such, I’ve roped in a less than willing volunteer – so I thought I best not push my look.

This blazer could possibly be the new #TheDress (people still remember The Dress, don’t they?) as it has divided opinion on if it is actually red or orange.

I would have sat on the fence and said it was an orangey-red; however after close scientific inspection I can tell you it is Coral Tonic. Because it matches my Rimmel Coral Tonic lipstick perfectly. I love that although it is tailored, it’s still a bit loose. I could even go all fashionable and claim it offers a languid silhouette (who thought I’d be saying that after this post?)

When I buy bright coloured things, most people say I won’t wear them much, as it can be hard to put them with other clothes. But this beaut is only £17, so it doesn’t really matter. It is from Primark’s current office-wear section but it would look great with everything. I’m convinced.

There is the slight down-side in that the colour and loose fit sometimes makes you wonder if you look like a Butlin’s rep. But then at least you’ll look really fun, like manically fun.

For once, almost all the clothes in this post are new-ish. The skirt is from New Look, I only bought it because it was a fiver and I was only £4.00 away from free shipping. It was in the sale and classed as navy, but unless you study the pantone chart meticulously it might as well be black. I feel like I should be slimmer to wear a skirt like this – it is very body-hugging. On the other hand, I like it and I can just wear it and imagine I’m thinner, right?

The bag is one I’ve blogged about before, here. Incidentally, the apple on it also matches perfectly. I’m actually a little bit excited that I am so coordinated. This normally only occurs after hours of outfit based day-dreaming.

Just in case you are wondering why there are suddenly little photos at the side of my blog posts now, you’ll be pleased to know I am finally on Instagram. I’ve been putting it off because I didn’t feel like my life was glossy enough, but eventually jumped on the bandwagon. Therefore, here’s the compulsory selfie.

(See, told you the jacket was the same colour as the lippy!)

outfit of the day red blazer primark selfie