sleeveless jacket new look camel long waistcoat

Outfit of the Week: The Sleeveless Jacket and Accidental Witchy-ness

sleeveless jacket new look camel long waistcoat

This outfit of the day post, was going to be based around my new camel sleeveless jacket; however the more I took note of my outfit, the more I realised I had a bit of a witchy-poo theme going on.

I’m not sure what that says about me really. I’m not sure I want to know either.

Because everything in this outfit is so loose and laid back, it is mega comfy (perfect if you’ve had a sleepless night at the boyf’s) yet when I wore it to work the big cheese said I looked ‘very smart’ in my waistcoat. Comfy and office appropriate? I think we’ve cracked it with this one folks.

The shirt is an old H&M find, and if you wear it with ripped jeans I guarantee it will make you feel a bit Rhianna*

The sleeveless jacket (or waistcoat to everyone over a certain age – hi mum!) is a newbie from New Look. They have a great selection in at the moment; but I chose this one specifically because I’ve never, ever owned something in camel colour. Plus it’s substantially lighter in weight than the black and khaki variations. I’m smittened with the textured, crepe like finish but also slightly saddened by the fabric, supposedly its 95% polyester but it creases like buggery.

The shoes are also from New Look and they are that great I’m slightly tempted to buy a second pair, just for when these give up the go. Pointed black (fake) suede, lace ups and a gold heel, a shoe of dreams. They also get brownie points because I’ve worn these to two consecutive all day conferences in Manchester and can proudly say I wasn’t crippled at the end of it.

The criss-cross lacey bit (technical term there) that goes over the foot can look a bit witchy if you look straight down at your own feet. This is wasn’t all my witchy-ness though.

On my nails I’m wearing Max Factor’s Gel Shone Lacquer in Teal. Although it is not the shiniest of polishes, it does have minimal chips. I always thought of this colour as a British Racing Car Green… until my sister described it as being ‘a bit witchy’ and now that’s all I see when I look at it.

stackable rings  max factor gel shine teal

The rings are just a small part of a collection of stackable rings from Primark, but I like them.

So there you have it, my outfit of the week – witchy-ness and all.


*Though it’s not necessary to get your tits out. Obz.