Outfit of the Week: Metallic Blazers, Black Jeans (and probably lots of fluff.)

ootd metalic lace blazer


I feel like this Outfit of the Week, is a little bit of a fib. I definitely have worn these black jeans, whenever I slip them on I image myself transforming to a Kate-Moss-like creature because black jeans and a blazer are the only off duty look for supermodels. So if I’m wearing them, I must look like an off duty supermodel – Obz. Then it happens. All the bits.

Should there be a microscopic bit of fluff in the atmosphere, black jeans will attract it. By the end of the day, you’re genuinely not sure if you are wearing your black jeans; or just thought about them and actually decided on some weird, fluffy legging things. This is a special reality, if like me you work in a place full of fabrics and threads.

So yeah, I wear them…. But only when there is nothing else.

The blazer on the other hand is a thing of dreams. Gold. Lace. Satin-y lining. What more could a girl want? If all that doesn’t make you want to wear it, just look at the poofy shoulders.

ootd metalic lace blazer 2

I don’t know what to call it; it is not quite a shoulder pad – its more Victoriana than 80’s. You do kinda feel like a Dynasty diva though; pass the hairspray will you?

The jacket was a sale bargain from many years ago, from Mrs Selfridges and its short life span in Burnley town centre.

ootd metalic lace blazer 3

The top is from New Look’s current collection. I wanted a black vest top, and this one has small cut out details along the neckline and hem which just give it a bit more of a boho feel. I’m not a fan of the boho look really, but it is apparently impossible to buy anything now that doesn’t nod towards the trend. Sigh.

The shoes are just some ye old faithful black court shoes, because you can’t go wrong with a patent court. Unless you scuff then, then you will inevitably spend the evening staring at the said scuff.

The nail varnish I am wearing is one of my new obsessions; that will probably be featured in a blog post soon – and I’m not just saying this time, I mean it. No, really; I have no excuse because I’m off work all next week.

Sorry just had to slip that in there. Enjoy getting up early on Monday, suckaasssss!