Red Mac Statement Coat Primark Outfit of the Week

Outfit of the Week: The Statement Mac.

Red Mac Statement Coat Primark Outfit of the Week

If the calendar is to be believed spring is on the way. So, if you could let the people in charge of the weather know, that would be awesome.

For now we will ignore the biting winds and the threats of sleet, and pretend the only thing we are worried about is brief showers of rain; the kind of rain that gets you damp not soggy. Even if it does make your hair frizz to the size of a small principality. We shall put away the big coat, that you’ve probably had for too long, but you keep because you don’t mind it getting drenched when you’re just popping out.

This mac is perfect for spring, and despite it being from Primark it gets pulled out every year without fail. My sister actually wanted this coat but I bought it (sorry) and my boss, a fabric expert (literally) described it as being made from “very interesting fabric”. It’s light enough for when it is sunny and warm; but strong enough to protect you from the wind and rain.

statement mac coat primark red bow outfit of the week

I love both the colour and the style. The colour is so bold you neither look like a detective or a flasher (always a perk) while the tie pulls you in at the waist, with a cute little bow at the back. The frill at the front also is rather strategic, adding the illusion of bigger curves… which is perfect for me.

Statement bag, house, fake designer, outfit of the week

The bag is one I got on holiday for about 40 euros. The guy in the shop promised that it was a genuine something-or-other, but I’d never heard of the design house… and neither had the bag in all probability. It may be a blatant rip off of an obscure brand, but I love it. A lot of people go out of their way to comment on it, which is quite nice; I’m not going to lie.

New Look Nude patent court heel shoes outfit of the week

Due to the ‘look at me’ colour/nature of the bag and coat, I’ve paired thiswith some simple nude patent shoes. I got these from New Look, they cripple me but I bought them for a wedding when I realised it was the coming weekend and my girly, floral dress would be paired with some old trainers if I didn’t buy something that day. Still, they’re quite nice to look at, aren’t they?