Budget beauty haul

Budget Beauty Haul: All Less Than £10

Budget beauty haul

When it comes to beauty, I’m in two minds. Part of me believes that the pricier the product the better quality the ingredients and research behind it… because that makes sense doesn’t it?

The other part of me wants to believe that the pricier ones just have more money spent on marketing campaigns. This is what my bank account wants to believe too. So, with the house-fund (me and the boyf are currently saving for a mortgage deposit) and other projects in mind, I decided to turn a blind eye to all the glossy adverts with scientific sounding phrases and go budget.

Just popping into town for a budget buy turned into a budget beauty haul… If it costs less, that means you can buy more, doesn’t it?

The foundation and lipsticks were from Poundland. When Poundland announced that it was bringing out its own brand make-up line, it created a huge buzz and gained positive reviews overall. Part of me thought that it would probably turn out to be a bit overhyped, but at a quid a piece, it’s not a big deal if it is naff.

The foundation didn’t inspire confidence when I squeezed it out of the bottle. Rather than a normal liquid foundation, this one had a stodgier, almost mouse-like thickness; however it went on and blended like a dream. The coverage is OK, it’s not brilliant, but it’s better than some of the some foundations I’ve paid twenty-odd pounds for.

It also lasted really well. I applied it about 9 hours before the photo of me was taken and didn’t feel the need to re-apply once. As you can see, it didn’t cover my massive bags paticularly well, so if your a bit sleep deprived like I was on Sunday you may want to hunt out an under-eye concealer.

budget make up look

The lipsticks are possibly my new favourite things. I’ve let everyone know just how utterly amazing they are, even blokes who aren’t really interested; but I just cannot stop raving about them. I was worried about how these would apply, I hadn’t used lipbalm for a day or two so thought they might dry out my lips and look all cracked and horrible.

I just applied the lipstick directly, it was Sunday and I couldn’t be bothered messing about with a brush. I swear I could feel my lips being instantly moisturised. The range has some great shades, but just a heads up they do transfer quite easily. I’ve so far found lipstick on my hand, on my chin (classy) and on numerous mugs, so yeah, just be careful about that. Weirdly, the colour lasts quite well, it does fade slightly, but it does so evenly – none of that accidental lipliner look going on. The darker one did last better than the Barbie pink; however the Barbie pink is more of a soft, shimmery shade when its on. The next time I do dramatic eye make-up I’ll be using this on the lips.

The eyeliner is a gel one for about £4.99 from Collection. I was a bit worried about gel, but found this easier to apply than others I’ve had in pen-form. The colour is intense and again, it can last a long, drunken night (as Valentine’s day proved.) I should have taken a photo of this when it was all nice and new, but I just couldn’t wait to get into it. Besides, showing it like this kinda shows the thickness of the gel… right?

budget beauty collection

The contouring kit is from Sleek and is about £6.49. It does look a bit dog-eared here, but just take that as a good sign… I use this every-day without fail. It can cling to dry skin, but the tones (I’m using the light version) are enough to make a difference but not overpower. The highlighter alone makes it worth buying the palette.

budget beauty sleek contour

The mascara is the most expensive thing here, at a whopping £7.99 – I know, last of the big spenders on this blog. I’m wearing the flared version, but to be honest, it’s not any more flared than the rest of the Maybelline Falsies range. What I love about this range is that it doesn’t clump, even when you get down to the dregs because you forgot to buy another when it first started to run out. If anything it gets better as it goes on.

Confession time now, I totally forgot to buy anything for the brows; I’m currently using a product from Mii (you can read about it here) but I wouldn’t really class that as budget, so sorry about that. From desperate experience though, I can tell you a Rimmel brown eyeliner works fairly well, as long as you’re careful.