I feel like I’ve almost forgotten how to blog. Not the best, when you’re supposed to write blogs as part of your day job eh?

Lately life has been pretty brilliant but pretty darn busy. Within the space of three weeks I created a strategy for introducing a new product line (as part of my degree – which meant a lot of extra research etc) secured a new house, moved in with Craig, and started a new job.

And when life gets busy, to put it bluntly my skin tends to get a bit shit. I suffer from eczema and when I get run down, it tends to resurface. Although admittedly it is a whole lot better than it used to be and is only on my arms, it’s still enough to knock a gal. It’s not too bad, and without looking looking you might not know it was there. But I do, and that’s enough to stop me from wanting to get my arms out for the world.

Luckily, I have found the denim dress of dreams. Or should I say it found me? I feel a bit like it was meant to be. I’d recently got rid of my last denim dress, when this bad boy rocked  up and snuck into my heart.

Denim dresses seem to be one of those things you see in some form or another every year. I’m about to go off on a bit of a tangent now, but lately I’ve been wanting to look after my clothes a bit better and buy more classic styles. I mean don’t get me wrong, show me a bright colour and a frill and I’m still there – but I guess I want to move away from the whole fast fashion thing. You know, where you wear it three times, it falls apart and then you bin it and move onto the next thing. Must be my age.

Anyway, back to this dreamy denim dress – I got it a few weeks ago from New Look, it has sold out on their site, but it is still available in store I think.

I love that it is a simple shirt dress style with a tie waist. The tie means you can show off your waist when you want, or leave it as a looser style after one to many BBQs and Pimms. Who said you have to be slim for summer clothes?

On the shoulders there is some cute embroidered flowers – their positioning makes me feel a bit like a cowgirl, not gonna lie. I like to think this detailing makes it a bit more current – tapping into the embroidery trend which is huge – but isn’t so much of a statement that it can never be worn again. Like them high wedge heel trainers we all bought a few years back lol.

I’d really like to wear this dress with some chunky strappy sandals but I’m yet to find a pair I like. As such, I’ve teamed this with some peep toe ankle boots in khaki that have a cut out on the heel –though you can’t see this in the photos. My bad.

Though in my defence of not having photos of all the angles, I took these photos whilst me and Craig was house sitting for my sister and I think most of the village locals were a bit bemused to see a man knelt down on a back street taking photos of me whilst our (temporary) cat cried from the side lines.