Outfit of the Day New Look Pleather Skirt Grey Ribbed Top Autumn

Outfit of the Week: A Little Bit of Leather… (Well Pleather, We’re Not Made Of Money)

Outfit of the Day New Look Pleather Skirt Grey Ribbed Top Autumn

The sun has been hiding behind the clouds, but that’s alright because in these photos my legs are that pale they’re basically bright enough. Pale is interesting though, right?

I bought this outfit for a recent jaunt to York after falling in love with it as part of another blogger’s edit. Having a pleather skirt makes me feel oh-so-fashion, and that’s always a good thing. The fact it is in Burgundy is also one of my favourite things about it – I never really liked burgundy, however this skirt is dark enough to be fairly flattering and autumnal but isn’t a standard black, so it feels a bit more fun and modern. Part of me feels a bit like a pessimist rolling out the autumn outfits in late August, but then I remember I live in the North of England and suddenly feel less like a pessimist and more like a realist. Plus it was throwing it down when we took these photos (hence the brolly.)

Another thing that I like about this skirt (and probably shoes how old and boring I have become) is that it has pockets. Like actual pockets – not just decorative ones. Perfect for when you’ve got your hands full but cannot bear to part with your phone. (By the way, if you are a tiny bit addicted to your phone this post might be worth a gander.)

I did wear it to the office one day and FYI, if you sit down in it for a few solid hours you do end up with a crinkly bum. Sad times. With it being pleather I’m not too sure what the care instructions would be, however the Mum of the Office has told me that you can get stubborn creases out by using a hairdryer to warm it up then smooth it out. I haven’t tried it yet though, so don’t quote me on it. Also, if it looks like your skirts gonna melt, back off with the heat, obz.

The grey top is also from New Look (did I mention the skirt was from New Look?) but to be honest most places are stocking these style tops. This one is quite close fitting which is quite nice, because it seems that lately there’s been no middle-ground between loose and body-con. But this one manages to look close fitting without making you want to reach for Spanx and cry into your Instagram feed.

Outfit of the Day New Look Pleather Skirt Grey Ribbed Top Autumn 2

I paired this outfit with some plain, wedged black suede boots. I feel like I need to state that, just to clear things up, because it kinda looks like I’m just wearing black socks in this photo. So yeah, I am wearing boots, promise.