essence cheap nail polishg review

Outfit of the Week: The Bright Red Nails

essence cheap nail polishg review

Apart from a brief dinner date, all my outfits this week have been nothing special. I’ve had a week off work so have indulged in fail-safe dresses, ripped jeans and all that other off duty jazz. The only thing outfit-wise that’s been worth talking about is this week’s manicure.

A few weeks ago I bought (another) red nail varnish and a lovely soft lilac-y one from a brand that I had never heard of. Truth be told I’d only popped into the shop because it had replaced the local Superdrug so I thought I’d finally have a nosey. All in all, the shop was a bit naff; but these gems might tempt me to venture back in the future.

Essence is a cheap brand, and although the name suggests it intends on jumping on the Essie bandwagon, the bottles have a distinctive shape and a mammoth brush. The brush is so wide and the consistency is bloody brilliant. One swipe was nearly enough to cover a full nail, so perfect if you are in a rush.

The red is a true pillar box red with a high shine. Over the years I have bought a lot of so called ‘gel finish’ nail polishes, but this one is the only convincing one I have encountered. It’s oh so shiny. The aforementioned brush also means you get a nice even coverage and it dries pretty darn quick too.

Weirdly however, the red version does chip a lot more than the lilac. That is not to say it chips a lot; you don’t have to worry about big chunks being absent from after work drinks, the chips are fairly minimal.

Hands up if you’re a nail art fan! Just kidding, I know you can’t risk the smudges. To say the polish is quite smooth and quick drying if you run out of nail glue and decide to just stick things on willy-nilly anyway, you’re in luck. When I did my nails, I was apparently feeling a bit fruity as I reached out for my wheel of fruity nail art. I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I don’t know what fruit this is meant to represent, but I like the way the zesty coloured clashed with the red. Whatever the fruit, it has lasted through three shampoos, a hair mask and multiple bouts of washing up, which is great when you think it’s just the polish holding it on.

budget nail polish red review nail art

So there you have it, this week’s outfit is nothing more than a cheap nail varnish, which is just as well. As I type this I’m sat in an old cotton t-shirt, with wet hair– and let’s face it, that’s a photo not worth sharing.