On Keeping the Faith…

keep the faith

When I had this blog post in mind, I started about gathering a few bits and bobs for a photo. For some reason, I gravitated towards the candle and this necklace. Now I’ve uploaded the image, it all looks a little bit religious.

If you are religious by all means keep that kinda faith, if you want to. But the various Gods around aren’t the point of this post, so let’s just sidestep them for a while.

This week, I got some news that a side project was not going to plan. Truthfully, I knew this weeks ago; I’d gradually stopped letting myself spend the majority of my days thinking about it. I started a half-hearted search for a new thing to focus on. However the fact that things were not sticking to my carefully crafted script was only confirmed recently. Although I knew it was coming, when it was spoken out loud it still felt like a bit of a kick. My heart still dipped; yet surprisingly it was not a proper sinking feeling.

Yes, it was a bit crap, but it wasn’t too bad. I knew in my heart that things could, and can change. My plans may have to alter slightly, possibly even change direction but they will eventually come to fruition.

I may not have faced a life changing battle, or stood in the face of mortal danger but I have done things I’m proud of. I have done things I thought I couldn’t. I got through them, so I know I can get through less than perfect situations. I know that I can keep going, turning things around as I do. I am confident that it will all come good in the end.

I’m not about to post a rubbish quote, made shareable by an over-used Minion image. But I am going to tell you to have faith in yourself. Some of the most inspiring people in my life have not committed great feats. They have not made the national news, the local news and barely made a Facebook mention.

They have carried on, with what on the outside would seem mundane; holding down a job, raising a family, pursuing ambitions. What is admirably however, is the tiny, almost miss-able fact that they carried on. When they couldn’t be bothered, when they were tired, when they thought it might be time to give up because they just don’t get it. They carried on.

So I guess I’m using this blog to ask you to do the same. Have faith in yourself and carry on. It might be hard, it might be stressful, and it might make you want all of the wine. But that’s ok. Get drunk, nurse a hangover, but carry on. (Maybe the day after the hangover though, let’s not get carried away here.)

Know that to get to the grand old age where it is possible for you to sit and read a blog, you must have overcome something. Even if you can’t think of anything now that seems big enough or worthy; it’s the law of averages that you must have faced something shit by now. But you made it through, and in all likelihood you will continue to get through things.

So keep the faith in yourself. When things don’t go your way, take a step back and look at it for what it is. It’s a pit-stop, a chance to pull over, re-examine the map and then get back behind the wheel. In the words of WW2 propaganda… Keep calm, and carry on.