2 Months of So-Ko Skin Care

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When Asian beauty first started having a moment, I’ve got to admit I was intrigued. The products, theories and downright novel packaging all seemed exciting… I was especially drawn to the idea of South Korean skin care routines, or So-Ko as it is known.

If you’re a fairly well off South Korea, skin care is taken so seriously you start visiting the family facialist from the age of ten up wards, it is rumoured. South Koreans take their skin care to an almost religious level, with the whole premise based on layering – because you can’t have too much of a good thing right?

Technically you’re supposed to have roughly 10 steps in a So-Ko skin care routine, but LOL… who has the time for that every day? I’ve got mine to around 6 steps, but I am very tempted by the new L’Oreal Clay face masks. Although this may sound sinful, I’m yet to try a toner. I know… I should just quit now, and go live in a cave – taking my untoned face with me. I guess having fairly sensitive, dry skin; toners have always scared my slightly. #Whimp

Anyway, let’s move on before we get tempted and ooops, here’s another delivery arriving at the door that includes clay masks and toners that will probably not be used. Or at least not used often enough.

After the normal ablutions in the bathroom, I’ve been applying Garnier’s UltraLift day time moisturiser (which FYI is currently on offer at Boots). I’ve been using this one for what feels like a life time, because it doesn’t seem to irritate me at all, doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and absorbs super-fast. Like ridiculously fast. There’s no time for day dreaming with this moisturizer.

After this I apply L’Oreal’s Extraordinary Face Oil. I’ve got to admit, I was a bit dubious about using this as it does smell very perfumed, however I’ve not had any reaction to it and teamed with the moisturizer it makes my skin feel so soft and bright I’ve even been tempted to go foundation free on some days. When I am wearing foundation this oil makes it go on so dreamily, and I tend to use less of it as a result.

I’ve yet to find an eye cream that is light enough for during the day, and being a normal person with a job, can’t be bothered with a sheet mask every morning. So um yeah, that’s the first few steps at the start of the day. That said if you’ve got any recommendations for a day eye cream, hook a girl up?

In the evening, I take off my make up using Garniers Skin Naturals Softening and Cleansing Lotion. It feels so smooth and creamy that for once with make up removers I don’t fear loosing my eyelashes whilst battling with mascara. I then go on to use Garnier’s Micellar Water. The idea behind this is that the water based remover, will remove any impurities left behind by the creamier one. To be fair though, both do a stellar job on their own. The Skin Naturals Softening and Cleansing Lotion feels more lux and relaxing on a night, but can’t compete with how fresh the Micellar Water one leaves your skin feeling. Like seriously, I didn’t believe a face could feel this fresh, it feels like you’ve spent the last hour nestled in a fridge surrounded by cucumbers. In a good way, obviously.

I then apply Garnier’s UltraLift eye cream. Again I’ve been using this babe for eons, I’ve never really read the blurb though so honestly can’t tell you if it is supposed to be a night eye cream or day one, however for my taste it is bit too heavy for the mornings. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin as such, but definitely takes too long to absorb for you to be able to throw on some liquid eyeliner straight after.

The last step (and my favourite) is then Garnier’s UltraLift night cream, its heavier than the day version and you have to properly massage it in or risk looking shiny for a while. Just applying it makes me feel oh so relaxed and it smells quite nice to according to the boyfriend.

I aimed to keep this routine up for a month, but thought it would be a battle. It sounds like a bit of a faff when you just want to crawl into bed. That said, I am now a convert. Having such a structured ritual in both the morning and the evening helps me mentally gear up or wind down respectively whereas my skin has never felt healthier. It looks pretty darn good too, glowing on the days I’ve applied the products, but pretty peachy on the odd day I’ve skipped. My makeup also seems to sit better and last longer, while I’m still using eyeshadow primer daily (cos gurrl ain’t about them creases) I could be charged with neglect for my face primer. It’s lying sadly lonesome in the bottom drawer of my beauty stand feeling all purposeless.

So would I recommend So-Ko skin care? Definitely. Does it stop you aging? I guess we’ll have to wait and see for that one.


Reading this back, with all the mentions of Garnier it does sound a little tiny bit like a sponsored post – but it’s not, I’m just a bit of a Garnier fan girl, k?