May’s Mini Primark Haul

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As I sat down to type this, it dawned on me I don’t think I’ve ever done a haul post before. I mean, I might have done, but I’m 98% sure I haven’t. Surely it is some sort of blogging sin that in over a year I’ve yet to do one? I’m not even sure where to begin. Hence the rambling I suppose.

I would have liked to show you what these clothes actually look like on, however a weekend long bout of hay fever does not cute outfit of the day photos make. In fact they don’t make anything, apart from a teary snuffling mess trying to paw sympathy off anyone within a 5 foot radius.

I went to Primark to buy one thing (good intentions and all that.) All I wanted was a pair of flat black shoes for the days when I was doing photography at work (you can read about that here) and for driving around in, because somehow every single pair of shoes I owned had a heel. Apart from some high-shine metallic trainers that didn’t really go with office attire.

  1. Plain Black Shoes.

May Primark Haul Blact Flat Tassel Loafers.jpg

I bought these, mainly because they fit… which for a size 4.5 – 5 is like winning the lottery in Primark. I could almost feel the angels singing hallelujah. I like the fact there suedette and so I think don’t look quite as cheap as a lot of the other black shoes Primarni stocks. I thought the gold hardware and tassels brought them up a notch, but I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with them. Yes we love a good tassel, however we do not love sounding like a donkey on Blackpool beach every time we take a step. They are just so damn jingly.

2. Accessories

May Primark Haul Rose Gold Aviator Sunglasses NAvy Blue Neckerchief.jpg

I could have easily filled my bag with all the flamingo printed goodies in store, but until this year’s holiday has been decided on I am attempting to restrain myself. My go to style of sunglasses tend to be more cat-eyed, because I feel that aviators just make me looks a bit less sculpted. Can aviators cancel out contouring? Now there is a scary thought. I got these though because all the rose gold reflectiveness drew me in. They make you feel sassier than I don’t know what, and are bloody brilliant at hiding the effects of hay fever.

The neckerchief is apparently a bandana, according to the label. It only cost a measly £1.50 but I think this shade of blue is perfect for spring/summer… it’s not so bright that you cannot wear it with everything, but isn’t too dark either

  1. Accidental 2nd Pair of Shoes.

2016-05-23 07.28.03 1.jpg

Oops… I mean they were an accident, but flat shoes are always useful, right guys? These are a strong tan, verging on orange and again a suedette. Despite owning flat shoes a lot more expensive than these in the past, I think they may be the comfiest flats ever. I’ve worn them everywhere, like properly everywhere. I’ve worn them so much I’m tempted to buy another pair just for when these poor overworked things give up the go. I love the T-bar style and when worn with cropped jeans, they make me feel like a proper, actual blogger.

  1. Suede Pinafore Dress

2016-05-23 07.13.12 1.jpg

I apparently have a fetish for suede this season, who knew? I got this lil babe as a last minute purchase and I am so glad I did. A plain A-line style it has two pockets on the front and a racer back. Primark could have inserted a concealed zip at the side but I think the chunky gold just adds a nice little touch. After all, hardware and utilitarian are a match made in heaven kids.  It also comes in a baby pink but I felt this one would be a smidge more flattering, either way they are so buttery soft it’s untrue.

  1. Victoriana Blouse

2016-05-23 06.58.11 1.jpg

This lil sweetheart was teamed with a pink pleated midi-skirt in store and looked so romantic I was 80% sure Prince Harry was about to propose to me. He didn’t, but the top consoled me. Tbh, the skirt would have too if I was a few inches taller but hey ho. Although almost every Victoriana top, in every season has lace panels and frills (this one has frills both down the front and around the sleeves, with lace inserts on the shoulders) I love the little tie on this one, it just makes it feel more up to date somehow. It is really long though, like long enough to shock your boyfriend because it goes on forever. I’ve been wearing it tucked into various skirts, but am now playing with the idea of toughing it up with the aforementioned pinafore. We’ll see.

  1. Makeup Bag.

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At home I usually use Muji make up storage boxes/trays, but knew I needed something a bit more practical for a recent weekend away. I don’t normally go for such bright prints, but hey its summer and it’s got a pom-pom. What more excuses do you need? Although it looks a good size anyway, it turns out this is the cosmetic world’s answer to the Tardis. It holds so, so much. So much you can take all the glittery shimmer eyeshadows you want and wear none of them.