Why Are Over Half of Women Scared of This Makeup?


According to a study by Avon, 64% of us gals associate red lipstick with Hollywood icons and classic beauty looks. Which isn’t that bad for one item of make up is it? I mean if I asked you what or who you associate blusher with I bet it would be a bit of a struggle. So why are women so scared of red lipstick?

Personally I love a red lip, or any statement lip really. When Kylie Jenner showcased a product that was both black and metallic blue I nearly swooned then and there on the spot. When I’m getting ready in the morning, my lips are my last – and arguably – favourite part. They make me feel empowered, fun and bring some colour to my otherwise pasty complexion. I figure that’s why I was so saddened by the next part of Avon’s study… 7% of us wouldn’t regularly wear red lipsticks to work meetings and a whopping 54% of us feel “to shy” to wear it at all.

People claim that while it gives someone a look of confidence, it would seem unprofessional (though a new study also claims that in order to be paid more, women should wear make up.) Others site it is too overtly sexual and that they are afraid of the attention it may bring.

I do in part, understand the attention bit. I have at some point had my lipstick penchant mentioned directly in almost every environment I habitually visit. From colleagues calling it brave, boss’s praising its reappearance after an absence (even I tend to shy away from bright lips when feeling run down and with a nose redder than Rudolph’s) to men saying they’ve rarely seen me without it. However, to my knowledge at least – I mean let’s be honest, people may be saying something different when I walk out of the room – I’ve never had anyone imply negative connotations because of my look. Most of the comments come from women, women in my circle who would also comment if I had some false nails or chopped off my hair into a bob. Women in my circle who understand that a red lipstick has more means than come hither.

According to a lot of the buzz surrounding this survey, women are afraid people think they have worn it for men. However in my opinion, the same thing could be said about many make up products, clothes and shoes. You don’t hear of many people being to afraid of skinny jeans when the argument of ‘wearing them for men’ could so easily applied – “they cling to your figure and make your ass look amazing, of course you must be wearing them for men”

I first fell in love with red lipstick accidentally – I didn’t expect that days purchase to look so bright, and admittedly my confidence did have a bit of a wobble. However it soon started to lend itself to my confidence, making me feel as sassy and kick ass as the women who rocked it in 50’s Hollywood. So I’m not telling you to start wearing it, because who am I to tell you to change your look? What I am saying is this: If you’ve ever, even for a silly small moment wanted to try a red lipstick. Try it. You never know where it may take you.