Want To Know What’s in My Bag?


Not gunna lie to your babes, this post is purely inspired by the fact I’ve got a new bag. It’s black, white and structured and makes me feel so darn grown up and professional, as opposed to all the brightly coloured and novelty bags I have.

Changing work bags mean that I had to do unthinkable and actually sort out what was in my last go to bag. I know, I’m a brave soul. Other than receipts from long forgotten buys, and the odd post it note that has sneaked itself in there to escape the office. Here’s what I feel the need to cart round every day.

  1. Purse

This ones fairly self-explanatory, right guys?  Though insider tip it does include an out of date student card, and a loyalty card to hairdressers. So if you fancy half price off your third next cut and colour, that’s probably the thing to steal.

  1. Hand cream

Have I told you I’m slightly in love with hand cream? If not… I’m slightly in love with hand cream. I have a tube sat directly under my computer screen at work and if I’m sat talking to you on the phone chances are I’m using that bad boy. Blame it on those paparazzi pics of Madonna’s claws. I also have some in my bag, ya know just for emergencies and that.

  1. Hand sanatizer.

Because apparently I have a thing about hand care.

  1. Bullet Journal

This is my constant companion for most days, it helps me feel on top of things and is there when inspiration strikes. I did write a whole post on this little hun, which you can read here.

  1. Phone

Because obviously how am I going waste time without it?

  1. Lipstick de jour.

The lipstick and lip liner I’m wearing today, because red lips just seem to be so high maintenance. Sigh. To be totally honest, there is probably yesterday’s lipstick somewhere in there too.

  1. Compact mirror

With a self-facing camera on most phones, these are probably a little bit redundant. But snapping shut a compact does make you feel a little bit more like a 1950’s film star than just turning off a camera mode.

  1. 3 Stolen Pens.

What’s that? You’ve lost all your pens? Not guilty.

  1. Nakd Bar

I stumbled across these on a whim and figured they would taste like foam bananas from the penny sweet section. They don’t but they are the most intensely banana flavoured thing in existence. Plus they are one of your 5 a day, vegan and only 94 calories. Hand sanatiser and healthy snacks? I think I’ve managed to become a kid free soccer mom.

  1. Nail Varnish

This is just pure laziness I tend to paint my nails on the sofa then stuff the polish in a hand bag rather than take it upstairs then and there, but whatyagonnado?

  1. Book/Magazine

I’m not 100% on this, but I *think* this might be the reason every man asks why my bag is so heavy. To say I spend my lunch breaks at work surfing social media, I tend to have a book close to hand surprisingly often. I guess you can make a literature student graduate but you can’t break a habit.