Braving Outfit of The Day Posts

outfit of the day intro blog

For a while now, I’ve been playing with the idea of jumping on the Outfit Of The Day bandwagon. Most bloggers seem to be doing it in one form or another, and I love seeing how different people put outfits together differently. Besides, they look quite fun. I mean, if we’re being totally honest… who wouldn’t want to act like a faux celebrity on a photoshoot for a little while. Secretly, it all looks quite glamourous and fashion darrrling-esque.

There have been a few things putting me off Outfit of the Day’s however, most of which probably stem from self-confidence issues. Firstly, at a UK size 10 I feel a bit too fat to be doing this – a size 10 apparently qualifies as plus size in the modelling world. Gulp. I’m short, with a few extra pounds, so not your conventional clothes horse.

Another reason is that I think that I’d feel like a bit of a prat. I’m fine with people taking my photo spontaneously, however having to pose, possibly numerous times, always makes me feel uncomfortable. The area in which I live is not the sort of place where you regularly see photoshoots. Most people shuffle about in either jeans or tracksuits, so having to go ‘on location’ glammed up and posing seems a bit daunting. It will undoubtedly gather some strange looks, which probably won’t help me feel like less of a fool.

Doing an Outfit of the Day post will also require roping another person into the mix. I don’t have a fancy tripod or remote camera that would enable me to take full length photos of myself. And to be totally honest, in many of the local places around here, even if I did have a remote camera I probably wouldn’t want to get to far away from it; just in case it disappeared into the pocket of a passer-by. However after moaning on and on about it, and receiving quite a few eye-rolls, I’ve decided to just go for it. My sister has kindly offered to be the acting photographer this weekend, so we should have some images and a blog ready for posting on Thursday. And now I’ve written Thursday; I feel like I’ve actually got to stick to it now.

I’ve decided to try it out, mainly just to push me out of my comfort zone. Although I believe that people should try to do new, scary things as often as possible, I probably don’t do them enough. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen? I could gain some confused looks from strangers and look massive on the photos. The blog could easily be deleted and as for the looks, they can be forgotten fairly easily. (I hope.)

Rather than doing one Outfit of The Day, I’m going to aim for an Outfit of the Week, because

  1. Its Freezing
  2. All of my possible photographers work full time

Plus, it means I don’t have an excuse to go shopping every week. Hello, savings.

So there you have it, soon you’ll be able to see me posing about, looking awkward and pretending to be a fashionista. You lucky, lucky people.