Rimmel Colour Rush Review

Review: Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Colour Rush

Rimmel Colour Rush Review

On Sunday the boyfriend and I headed out for breakfast; before reality stole its way in and made us do an emergency Morrison’s shop. However, I managed to come away with something more exciting than their chicken tikka sandwich pieces, as hard as this is to believe.

What I picked up (or rather snatched up in an effort to escape food-shop-boredom) was this little wonder: Rimmel’s ‘Lasting Finish Colour Rush and it has indeed got my heart a rushing.

Admittedly it looks and sounds like a knock off Clinque Chubby Stick. Both describe themselves as lip balms with colour in one way or another, and as you can see below there is some definitely (read deliberate?) similarities in the packaging.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush and Clinque Chuby Stick for Lips


In my rush, I picked up what looked like a soft pink (Give Me a Cuddle – that’s what Rimmel has called this shade, I’m not just weirdly whispering to you), but when I put it applied it is turned out to be more of a Barbie pink. Well, no, it turned out to be a very Barbie pink. It did cling slightly to the skin of my lips; however after a while the balm did its job leaving my lips in prime pouting condition. What impressed me most with this product was that it really was a lasting finish; I applied it at around 8.20am and did not have time to reapply it throughout the day. However whenever I checked my reflection the colour had more or less stayed put. Yes the shine had gone, but after various drinks and a sandwich can you really expect it still to be there? It had faded slightly, but evenly; to put it simply I had transitioned from Barbie to a soft pink, not that I was too fussed.

Rimmel Product review

Since both of the images were taken whilst sat in a onesie in various states of being camara ready, for the sake of your eyes I have cropped out bits of me that weren’t really relevant and although they were taken in different lighting I hope they give you some idea about its staying power.

P.S It does look a lot more pink in the day light.


P.P.S It also has a creamy vanilla scent- yum!