Rebecca Cotzec Review Barry M Gelly in Chilli

Review: Barry M’s Gelly Polish in Chilli

Rebecca Cotzec Review Barry M Gelly in Chilli

I may be being a bit over optimistic here, but I’m hoping some of you are coming back enough to notice that I haven’t posted a new post in a while. Sorry, my bad! However I will be making it up to you guys by posing as many Halloween nail art tutorials as I can get through before the big night itself arrives.

Now that’s cleared up, let’s move on to the subject of this post without further ado…

October is here, which means the hunt for the perfect autumnal nail polish is in full swing. As such, I recently invested in Barry M’s Gelly nail polish in Chilli.

Rebecca Cotzec Review Barry M Gelly in Chilli


Under the store lights, and in fact most artificial lights, it isn’t really a chilli colour in my mind. It’s somewhere between a dark red and a burnt orange… Actually I’ve just had a thought; maybe he was thinking more chilli con carne than the spicy little fruit. In which case, I suppose it does look a bit like Colman’s Chilli Con Carne mix.

Anyway, dragging our minds away from the kitchen (easier said than done) although I’m not a qualified nail technician, I do like to think that I know my round a nail polish brush.

I didn’t know my way around this one.

Be warned, unless you are concentrating on having the right amount of polish on the brush for each nail, effects may vary. I had the burnt orange-red colour through to dark red on some fingers… Almost like a colour chart. However I take responsibility for this, I probably should have concentrated more on it after I noticed the first two nails were of varying shades.

I have got to hand it to old Bazza; it did have a lovely high shine to it. One that keeps you glancing back down at your nails as they catch the light. Unfortunately though his Gelly polish lasted about the same amount of time as jelly at a kids party. That’s not long, in case you’re wondering.

I took this photo the next day at work – hence the ruler, and you can see that it already has some noticeable (read: gigantic) chips. Sob.

Rebecca Cotzec Review Barry M Gelly

So to sum it up, if it’s for one night/day then this is a great polish with unbeatable shine. Just be prepared to re-apply if you want longer lasting colour.