Multi Design Christmas Nail Art

The Christmas Nail Art Designs You Need This Year

Multi Design Christmas Nail Art

Something absolutely unbelievable and unforgivable has happened. There are less than ten days until Christmas, and as of yet I haven’t rocked any festive nail art. What’s gone wrong with my world? I used to do designs religiously but that seems to have fallen by the wayside these last few months.

This week though, Pinterest keeps sending me little notifications about people saving one of my Christmas nail art pins, and that’s got me all in the mood again. I am sat writing this in some chipped red sparkly nail polish, not a fancy mani… but let’s just keep that between you and me. I’ve rounded up my 9 favourite festive designs; so if you’re feeling really motivated (and a little bit bonkers) you could have a new one every day. If you do, you are definitely more motivated than me, high five for you guys.

This one isn’t a tutorial but I’m pretty sure a clever gal like you can work out how to do it. I love the fun feel and variety with this one, and as it’s currently the one getting all the hits on Pinterest I figured to kick things off with it.

Multi Design Christmas Nail Art

This one is actually a nail stamp plate (who knew there was such a thing?) from Etsy… so I imagine this one is pretty speedy to do if you invest in one of those bad boys. I adore the colours used in this – there are not many times you can see a festive design in such subtle colours

Taupe Snowflake Nail Art Etsy


This Buzzfeed article features a whopping 24 ideas for festive nails – ya know, just in case my nine aren’t enough for you *glares*. Jokes aside, it’s full of pretty designs, including baubles. Big up da baubles.

baubles buzzfeed nail art



If Christmas for you is less about the big day and more about big nights, it cannot possibly get sparklier and glitterier than this.

Glittery Christmas Nail art


Sticking with the glitter, how perfect are these baubles? Swoon.

Glittery Bauble Xmas nail art


What I love about this one is how simple it is. The website this is from is now sporting a broken link and it seems there’s no longer a tutorial but I don’t feel like that’s a great loss. Quick, easy and fairly minimalist = perfect.

Glittery Bauble Xmas nail art


This one is on here because it is so damn cute. ‘Nuff said.

Penguin Nail Art Tutorial


I really like the idea of candy cane nail art, but in all honesty I don’t trust myself enough to get all the curves the same on each one. I just know if I did one slightly wobbly it would annoy me no end. This nail art still reminds me of candy canes but it’s more abstract. Plus the article I’ve stole this image of includes 101 designs. Happy days.

Abstract Candy Cane Nail art

This final one isn’t too Christmassy but still has a definite winter feel. I love the statement gold nail, but if you prefer the plaid, this article has a load of inspo.

Tartan and glitter nail art

Now I’ve spent my time writing and uploading images of nail art I’m feel pretty embarrassed about the state of my manicure, so I suppose I best sneak off and do battle with it. If anyone can recommend an easy way to remove sparkly polish, that would be a god’ send.