Halloween Nail Art How To Fangs

Halloween Nail Art How To: Vampire Fangs

Halloween Nail Art How To Fangs


Here as promised is the first in my series of Halloween nail art. I’ve chosen to start with this one as I think that it is simple, yet still packs a punch. Also if you just wanting to do one or two nails, I think this on the ring finger, with the rest in black would look amazing! As you will see from the photos; I’m quite a messy painter, but hey who cares… that is what cotton buds and nail polish remover is for!

So let’s start!

Firstly paint on the base colour of a plain black. The deeper the better. I’ve used Rimmel’s 60 second dry, purely to save time. I haven’t bothered to find the official name of this shade because let’s face it, it’s just plain black.

Halloween Nail Art How To: Fangs

For the second step you need to pain on the ‘lips’ otherwise known as two red strips. One at the top and one at the bottom. Again I’ve used a Rimmel polish; I don’t think they sell this actual one any more. However any bright red would do. See I told you this was simple!

Halloween Nail ARt How To Fangs

Finally (and this is where the nail art, becomes really Halloween-ified) you need to add in the fangs. I used a dotting tool to do this, but a white nail art pen or cocktail stick dipped in the white nail polish would work just as well. I like to start off with the fangs… Two at each side, top and bottom. I suggest drawing a white triangle starting at the red lips and going almost to the centre of the nail. Once you have the triangles, simply fill them in.

If you have room, I then suggest adding more teeth, using the same method but making them shorter. This was unfortunately where my battery ran out, so the image below is stolen from Google… However it should give you a good idea how the finished product will look! This is a classic style of Halloween nail art, and even if you are not doing anything special I think these are wearable and fun.

Halloween Nail Art How To Fangs


If you have done any Halloween nails, or have blogged about Halloween nail art please let me know in the comments!