July’s Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasure blog post

As it’s nearly the end of the month, I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve been loving this month but probably shouldn’t be. Otherwise known as another blogger doing a monthly guilty pleasures thing.

Though it may become a weekly thing. I guess we both may have to wait and see about that one. Either way, here’s four guilty pleasures from this month.

  1. Pook’s birthday.

guilty pleasure - dogs birthday

A bit sad; ok really sad that my dog’s birthday is on this list. And that we celebrated it. It seemed pretty sad/embarrassing at the time when I actually paused to think about it, but even more so now I’m typing it up – just a heads up if you are planning featuring your dog’s birthday online. All that said, it was a big birthday – my old chap turned 13 and we celebrated by getting him a Mcdonnalds a breakfast. His vet (who’s already suggested a diet) will be thrilled come the next weigh in.

  1. Moroccan Oil

guilty pleasure Moroccan oil

Every time I went to the hairdressers I tried to work out which one of the products used left my hair feeling softer than I have ever known it, because let’s face it you’d have to be packing plastic to stock up on all their products in one go. Long story short – last time I went I snapped up this Moroccan Oil, and I am 100% convinced this is the miracle product. A lot of products I’ve used before have left even my massive hair feeling heavy, but this one is light and leaves hair shinier than I thought was possible without photoshop. #Winning.

  1. This Beaut.

guilty pleasure sister appreciation

Just in case most of you don’t know who this stunner is, it’s my big sister Nicola. This month, we’ve been spending a lot of time together sorting out some general household things. Although we see each other a lot, it’s been nice to get stuck into a project together.  I already know she’s pretty awesome, but this month it’s been incredible to see how motivated and creative she is – even with a ten year old Instagramming in the background.

  1. The Ring.

guilty pleasure engaged

This list is in no particular order – but this one is at the bottom because I don’t have a new photo of me andthe boyf, blame him for that one. Anyway, after various delays this week I got to pick up my engagement ring after getting it resized. As such, I’ve been on a second ‘ohmygod I’m engaged’ high. Pretty much every time I’ve been apparently looking thoughtfully at my keyboard, as if crafting a very important email, I’ve actually just been swooning over the ring a little bit.

So there you have it, one guilty pleasure a week. And a sneak peak of how to make your elderly dog overweight – don’t say I never teach you anything.