primark holiday dress outfit of the day off the shoulder fill elephant print

Outfit of the Week: I Wanna Dance by the Water ‘Neath a Mexican Sky…

primark holiday dress outfit of the day off the shoulder fill elephant print

Don’t we all.

Jokes aside, I chose that title because something about this dress makes me feel a little bit like I’m in holiday mode. I bought it thinking that although it is clearly a holiday dress for throwing over a bikini as you wander into the Old Town for a few drinks, as it had fairly muted colours I might be able to wear it around the UK too.

Maybe it’s the frill and off-the-shoulder combo, but something about it just makes me feel a little bit Mexican or Spanish. Perhaps I should have accessorised with some maracas? Do they actually shake maracas in Mexico? Who knows. I’m saying this, but if you were too look really closely at the panel near the hem you’d see it’s decorated with Elephants in all their blanketed and head-dressed glory. So maybe I should call this The International Dress instead, as the design seems to be incorporating quite a few continents.

Another thing only the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice is that around the frill instead of a plain hem, it is finished with a row of platted threads in a rope-like effect. When I first looked at the photos on the camera screen I was a little worried that this trim had turned out yellow – but I can assure you this dress (a recent steal at Primark) is purely midnight navy and ivory. At one point not too long ago, I would have said black and white; but working with fashion fabrics teaches you a thing or two about the ever-so-slight shade differences, which before you never really gave a crap about.

Although it has an elasticated waist, the one row of shirring is pretty pointless to be honest. It makes you look like you kinda-might have a waist if you step back and squint a bit. As such I’ve teamed it with a fairly thick black belt stolen from good ol’ mum. Living at home still has some perks.

primark holiday dress outfit of the day off the shoulder fill elephant print

The wedges are from a past New Look collection, but let’s face it: tan leather wedges won’t be hard to find. As these ones have a massive platform at the front, it does mean you can walk for quite a while in them, even down gravelly paths to take outfit of the day photos.

Normally whenever I wear my hair up like this I feel all nude and like I’m missing an integral part of me. How is a gal meant to get through the day without playing with her hair? With this look, I guess we can blame the aforementioned holiday mode – because when it’s near 40° who really wants to straighten their hair? So if this Outfit of The Day post has inspired you to book me a free holiday, just drop me a line. And maybe some spending money too for good measure.