outfit of the day peacocks white summer workwear

Outfit of the Day: White Floaty Summer Workwear

outfit of the day peacocks white summer workwear

There was two possible titles for this post, the one I went with and ‘The Blogger’s Cliché White Floaty Lace Top’ because it seems you cannot be a doing an outfit of the day post Spring/Summer 15 without featuring this kinda top at least once.

Possibly because they are so darn floaty and pretty. It makes you think that summer is on the way, even if your weather app tells you different. I wish the top was dazzlingly white because of the sun, but in reality it’s because a while back I decided a 5 bulb chandelier was obviously the way to go. Now everything is mega bright, even when you’re not stood directly under it.

This gem is from Peacocks, though Dorothy Perkins does do one that is practically identical, even down to the design of the lace. The only difference is the sleeves; this one has ¾ length sleeves that are elasticated around the elbow area – I’m not sure how better to describe the length than that. Whereas the Dorothy Perkins variation has sleeves that aren’t elasticated, so I guess there’s a version of this top for everyone.


Having a cheesecloth feel, it is oh so floaty… like you’re wearing a top spun by fairies. It also means that it can be a little bit sheer though, so if you’re wearing it to the office you may want to slip a vest top on underneath.

The trousers are the ye old faithful ones from Sainsbury – apparently when I pick up pieces of work wear; I turn into a middle-class mother of 2.5 kids. Who knew?

outfit of the day white floaty summer workwear cu

Although I love statement jewellery; I’ve teamed this with a simple gold Albert chain necklace because summer = simplicity, right?

Being a bit plain, it also means that you can throw on whichever blazer of jacket when you’re running late in the morning. Quick, simple yet smart(ish) – could this be the perfect summer work top?