Packing For a UK Mini Break

Packing for a UK Mini Break long weekend

This weekend I’m using one of those oh so precious holiday days, and setting off on Friday for a long weekend away with The Boy. When I first mentioned to people that we were going away for the weekend, reactions were mixed given that we haven’t been together long. However I am beyond excited, even the cringing moment my mother referred to it as ‘a mucky weekend’ hasn’t put a dampener on things. So without further ado, here’s a look at what I’m taking.

  1. Pumps – Does what you’re wearing on the day you go count? Let’s say it does. I’m going to be pretending to be a good driver, and am responsible for getting us there…which is slightly scary. I’m planning on wearing a new coral t-shirt (that will be featured in next week’s Primark Haul post) and some metallic trainers from New Look. And jeans, obviously I’m not just gonna be driving round in a t-shirt and trainers… the weekend isn’t going to be that mucky. Lol. I feel some sort of trainers or pumps are a must for any getaway, for sightseeing, long walks or just when you get lost and have to ditch the car.
  2. All The Skin Care – I guess this isn’t the most glamourous of things, and I’m secretly hoping Craig doesn’t mind surrendering half of our room to various lotions and potions. Although we don’t have any set plans for the trip, I’m guessing it will include good food, good drinks and late nights. As such, I’m determined to stay on track with my skin care routine and try and undo some of the damage as it happens.
  3. Naked 2 Palette – I’m taking this little babe because not only is it one of my favourite beauty products, but it is so easy to create a variety of looks for both day time and evening. I used to be a sucker for buying multiple smaller palettes or individual eyeshadows; but taking a palette when traveling is just so much easier.
  4. Suede Pinafore Dress –aka Something New You Love – Again, this will feature in the Primark Haul that’s coming soon (you can subscribe to the blog to ensure you don’t miss it) I feel like such a cop out writing that, but it’s just so buttery soft I feel like it needs a proper post. I got it in a dark khaki, though it also comes in baby pink. I haven’t worn it yet but I’m in love. I’m also praying to the weather gods that I get to wear it with a loose white shirt and rose gold reflective shades.
  5. Way Too Many Tops & Shoes – The good old British weather eh? Add to that with no set plans and packing it would seem becomes impossible. I wish I was one of those people that could just throw things in a case 10 minutes before the taxi arrives, but my inner control freak won’t let me. Somehow, leaving it to haphazard chance seems more stressful than packing. As such, I’ve got multiple flat shoes, black heels and a few tops that can all be interchanged with each other. It has taken years but I think I might understand the concept of a capsule wardrobe… Gok Wan would be proud.
  6. Hand Cream­ –This will probably sound really mean, but Madonna’s hands scare me. Since someone pointed them out to me, and how they look a lot older than the rest of her; I’ve become a hand cream lover. I’ve had a tube of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream sat on my desk almost permanently since I discovered it. It’s unscented, so is in no way over powering and to say it’s so thick it absolves really quickly.
  7. 2 Jackets – Sticking to what may be a fatal mistake of the capsule wardrobe; I’m only taking two jackets. One is a leather jacket for if it decides to rain all over us. It goes with everything I’m taking, and to be fair will be probably be the most worn over the two. The other is a bright coral blazer, I’m hoping it will smarten up some of my outfits and give them a bit of a more summer look. You can see the blazer in this ootd post.
  8. 2 Lipsticks – I’m planning this, but it may snowball into a three, four… oh look all my lip collection is coming along for the ride. We’ll see. Anyway, I’m going for one almost nude and one strong red. I feel that I’m sort of covering all bases here in the looks department, for both evening and during the day, and that it’ll go with anything I manage to pull out of the case after inspecting the weather.


So there you go, see you on the flip side.