Last week, my mum jokingly asked if I was planning on writing a post about her for Mother’s Day. Little did she know, there had been sorta one in the works since International Women’s Day… but it never got published because it never got finished. Why?

Well where do you start when you want to write about your mum?

I guess I could start with a thanks for all the practical stuff she’s done for me over the years; but she is more than just the woman who helps around the house, or comes to my rescue more times than I can count.

She’s the women that had boys from my school coming up to me, asking if we were related because she is “so cool.” I know, whaaaatt?

She’s the woman who is always being creative. Whether it was painting, sewing, crafting… you name it, she made having a creative outlet seem like a normal part of life. Whereas countless journalists tell you how hard it is to juggle working, family life and keeping a sense of self, she made finding time for something seem easy. She taught me if you really want to do something, you’ll find the time not an excuse.

She’s the woman that taught me not to take life too seriously. Although I wouldn’t say I’m really serious about a lot of things, there are a few parts of life that I can get a bit too focused on. I’m a bit of a control freak, what can I say? However I do manage to find the funny side in a lot of things, and I put that down to her. Whether it’s a dirty joke, or an off-beat observation she is the one that keeps things light, and the almighty queen of the casual flirt.

She’s the woman who gave me my style. Well maybe not completely (a lot of the things I appear in are ‘different’ according to her) – but I do credit my penchant for all things bright down to her. Whilst my friend’s mum bought mules or trainers, I always remember my mums brightly coloured pop-art sandals. Whether it’s glitzy jewellery because hey, it’s a Wednesday; bright colours, bold lipsticks or all three at the same time – she taught me that if it makes you smile, wear it.

She’s the woman that made body-confidence not a big issue. While there has been  a big push to increase body confidence in girls and women alike (and rightly so) it never seemed like a big deal in our house. Whether she always felt good about herself I can’t say – thankfully I can’t read her mind – what I can say though is she’s never shy at throwing on a bikini and heading to the beach. Unless I really rack my brain, I cannot remember her being on a proper, serious, diet. She doesn’t cut things out, or restrict things, she has what she wants but in moderation. She passed down a sense that feeling good about yourself should be the norm, not something saved for special occasions that follow eight weeks of living on Ryvitas.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: My mum is not just the woman that raised me, she’s the one that helped make me who I am. She’s one of my best friends, mentors and advisors.

Thanks Mum. Happy Mother’s Day  <3