From reviews to how-tos, these blogs are all about beauty and nail art.

What on Earth is Oil Pulling? Here’s What Happened to Me.

To answer that in one sentence: the worst beauty idea you will ever try. Apart from maybe a vampire facial a lá Kim K. It is so horrid, it makes the featured image on your blog all blurry because it is shuddering at the thought… View Post

5 Top Tips for Stronger Nails

Lately I’ve been pretty chuffed with the state of my nails. #Justsaying I say this, then went and chipped them the day of this blog post (bloody typical) – but I suppose the key word there is chipped, now I’m no expert but generally I… View Post

Outfit of the Week: The Bright Red Nails

Apart from a brief dinner date, all my outfits this week have been nothing special. I’ve had a week off work so have indulged in fail-safe dresses, ripped jeans and all that other off duty jazz. The only thing outfit-wise that’s been worth talking about… View Post

Outfit of the Week: Florals? for Spring? Groundbreaking.

This week I have been acting as photographer as well as blogger for this outfit of the week post. So you lucky things get a bit of sneak peek into my spare room – because I know you’ve all been dying to see it. Obz.… View Post

Beauty Hero: Coconut Oil

Having the incredibly temperamental skin that I have, I can’t actually use coconut oil. Which is ridiculous, I mean really…allergic to coconut oil? Pffft. However it is widely known to be a natural miracle, and a reader has asked me to write about it, so… View Post