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2 Months of So-Ko Skin Care

When Asian beauty first started having a moment, I’ve got to admit I was intrigued. The products, theories and downright novel packaging all seemed exciting… I was especially drawn to the idea of South Korean skin care routines, or So-Ko as it is known. If… View Post

Super Simple Spring Makeup Updates

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   I called this post ‘super simple’ because it is, there’s no fancy-schmancy colour contouring here. Sorry babes. Articles and blogs about ‘spring beauty’ always scare me slightly; it seems that we can never escape certain trends. I love pastel-coloured… View Post

Three Things That Will Make Your Makeup Drastically Better.

Admittedly we all have days where we can’t really be bothered and just slap on minimum make-up and hope for the best. They usually turn out to be the days where you bump into everyone you’ve ever met, even though you’ve only been out of… View Post

Three Easy Ways to Have Happier, Healthier Hair

  Anyone who knew me at school or around that time will see the title of this blog post and think ‘what a dick’ because trust me when I say hair was not my thing. When discussing school plays and the Wizard of Oz came… View Post

The Christmas Nail Art Designs You Need This Year

Something absolutely unbelievable and unforgivable has happened. There are less than ten days until Christmas, and as of yet I haven’t rocked any festive nail art. What’s gone wrong with my world? I used to do designs religiously but that seems to have fallen by… View Post