Negative Nail Art How To Valentine's Day

Nail Art How To: Valentine’s Day Negative Space Manicure

valentine's nail art how to negative space hearts

OK, this photo is actually from a wedding we attended a few years back… but still!


So, it is almost Valentine’s Day. Now me and the boyfriend don’t really celebrate it other than going out for a meal. I tend to find all the romantic items that get shoved down our throats a bit sickly. One thing that I do love about Valentine’s Day however, is the chance to get creative with manicures and nail art.

So baring Valentine’s day in mind, I decided to experiment with negative space nail art. Negative space nail art is set to be the big thing for manicures this year, even though it looks like a bit of a faff to do. No pain, no gain, eh?

For this look I used Collection 2000’s Lasting Colour in Damson Jam. Which is possibly older than my niece, so there’s that. Despite being old it still goes on a dream, offering quick and equal coverage. I like this polish mainly for its colour; a lovely deep red. It kinda hints at being vampy without being full on femme fatale.

I painted 3 nails, leaving bare the nails on the thumb and ring finger. On the bare nails, I then used a dotting tool to draw the outline of a heart.

Negative Nail Art How To Valentine's Day

I thing painted the rest of the nail, using the dotting tool when I needed to paint close to the outline. As you can see on the photos, the heart on the ring finger went a bit wobbly however unless you’re looking (or taking blog photos) I think I can get away with it.

Negative Space Nail Art how to valentines day heart

And there you go, that’s basically it.

I was toying with doing the outline of the hearts in gold, but then big brother happened.