Three Easy Ways to Have Happier, Healthier Hair

Three Easy Ways for Happy Healthier Hair Haircare tips


Anyone who knew me at school or around that time will see the title of this blog post and think ‘what a dick’ because trust me when I say hair was not my thing. When discussing school plays and the Wizard of Oz came into the mix someone suggested I play the scarecrow because my hair was that out of control. True story bro.

So yup. Over the years there has been a lot of experimenting with products and lessons learnt. However learning some fail safe tricks for hair means you can play around with it a lot more and it recovers quicker.  In the past year I’ve gone blonde (like proper blonde, not browny-blonde or dirty blonde) then red which FYI does make you feel a little bit like a mermaid princess. Move over Ariel. And finally settled on a brown/blonde ballyage affair. Every time I go to the hairdressers, at least one of the stylists comment on how my hair shouldn’t be in such a good condition given the amount of bleach its endured.

So here are the three most important things I’ve learnt along the way.

  1. Olive oil based products are the stuff of queens. Seriously.

Ok, they usually aren’t made with fancy scents, and aren’t always available on the high street but they are amazing. Olive oil has been used for hair and skin care for thousands of years, although there is little scientific research into olive oil and haircare a lot of people do attribute their hair’s new found moisture and shine to it. I try to use an olive oil based hair mask once a week, during busy periods where I can’t set time aside for sitting round with wet hair I’ve noticed the huge difference they make. Without them my hair often looks duller and any straightening/curling doesn’t seem to last as long.

  1. Taking about styling, this is an old ‘un I know… But don’t use heated styling tools every day.

Even though my hair is mega-thick, my regular stylist has (repeatedly) told me that unless you have veryveryvery tight curly hair, you shouldn’t need to straighten/curl/etc a section of hair more than twice. If you have to straighten some of your hair more than twice, you need to look at different brands of straighteners. Before I could be bothered to do hair masks on the reg, I’d straighten my hair in the morning and by 4pm it would be massive and wavy. Tres chic. Now that I’ve got myself into haircare gear, I usually only need to style it once until the next wash.

  1. Stop Bloody Playing with it.

I am a bugger for this one. If you ring me and drone on and on and on about something that neither of us particularly care about; chances are I’ve spent half of the conversation twirling my hair, putting it up in a ponytail or trying to create that elusive updo that needs nothing more to hold it up than whatever’s closest to hand. However constantly twirling and twisting your hair leaves you on a one-way road to damage and split ends. Have you ever tried to thread a needle only to take so many attempts that the thread becomes frayed? You get the gist. Instead try to occupy your hands with something else, at the moment I’m apparently into making origami t-shirts out of scraps of paper. I know, it’s hard having this wealth of talents. Lol.

So yeah babes, follow these three tips and your hair should start behaving itself and looking all round happier, healthier and glossier. But you know, if you do have a bad hair day don’t sue me please.