Craftii – Building A Company Blog

Craftii - Building A Company Blog

Content Marketing, Copywriting
Year: 2016
Technology: Wordpress
Categories: Content Marketing, Copywriting

During my time at Croft Mill, I was responsible for the company blog, and as such it became my baby. 

Like any good mother, I wanted it to look its best so this meant redesigning the look of the blog, focusing on user experience and created a content strategy both for the written content itself and its promotion via social media, the company website and email marketing channels.


I carried out all of the on-page SEO and developed a distinct brand voice, creating articles that educated the target audience on the Croft Mill products, along with how best to use them and the occasional customer showcase. 


In doing so, the visits to the blog increased from 56 visits for 2013, 15,333 visits in 2014, 33,200 visits in 2015 and 37,392 visits in 2016.

The blog also became a valuable resource for nurturing customer relationships with customers regularly submitting user-generated content for me to share on the blog and in turn our social media profiles.