florals, dark florals, midi dress, outfit of the week, ootd, fashion blogger

Outfit of the Week: Florals? for Spring? Groundbreaking.

florals, dark florals, midi dress, outfit of the week, ootd, fashion blogger

This week I have been acting as photographer as well as blogger for this outfit of the week post. So you lucky things get a bit of sneak peek into my spare room – because I know you’ve all been dying to see it. Obz.

You can kinda see a 200 hundred year old chest I bought a while back in the background though, so there is that.

Anyway, enough rambling; let’s get down to business.

This floral midi-dress is actually from George’s teen-ware range, but I won’t tell if you don’t. Normally midi-dresses are too long for me and turn into a too short maxi-dress that looks a bit silly – but this one actually ends where its meant to, which is a good start. I like this dress for two other reasons though; firstly although its jersey fabric it isn’t that thin that it shows every little wobbly bit. Secondly, a lot of florals tend to be quite bright and graphic or overly girly; I think that the dark base of this dress makes it just that little bit different.

The pink pops in the design just lift it slightly so that it isn’t too wintery, and can be used for matching other, brighter colours to it.

The shoes I’m wearing are from New Look and have the tiniest of gold heels. So you get to feel mega-glam when you slip them on. It also acts as an excuse to break into a tap dance routine whenever you’re on hard-flooring. *Starts jazz hands*

I say they have a heel, but they are in essence a flat shoe. As such I was in two minds as to whether to wear them with this outfit; my mind for some reason has decided upon this inescapable rule:

Wearing a dress with tights? Flat shoes are fine! Wearing a dress with no tights? Don’t you dare wear flat shoes, you rotten thing.

I think it has something to do with being short…. Anything that cuts my legs off makes me look shorter and threatens to take me into sausage-alike territory. My mind secretly knows this and tries to make me steer clear.

As this dress is a bit darker than most florals I thought I would team it with a more of a ‘dishevelled glamour’ makeup and hair look. I never intentionally aim for this look normally so I guess this is an outfit of the week that’s out of my normal realm altogether.

dark eyes, smudgeed eye make up outfit of the week

I opted for a smudged-liner look on the eyes, which involved black kohl liner, the darkest of blues eyeshadow (for extra smudgy-ness) and lashings of mascara on both the upper and lower lashes. I also filled in my brows more than normal, because strong eyes means strong brows, right? To tone down the look a bit, I wore a soft pink lip with the merest of shine. I am aiming to post more beauty-related things, so follow me on Instagram if you fancy having a gander.

I partly wish that I could tell you I’d spent ages making my hair all voluminous and rough for this ponytail, but in reality I just semi-dried it yesterday and haven’t bothered straightening it since. One of the few perks of big hair, eh?