My Favourite High Street Make Up Crayons


Say what you want but this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When it comes to beauty, I seem to have regressed. Forget multi-tonal palettes, with the oh-so-subtle but oh-so-important different shades. Unless it’s a special occasion pass me da make up crayons babes.

It was only whilst packing an overnight bag that I realised I’d fallen for make up crayons, but now I’ve realised there is no looking back. There quick, simple and when done with a bit of care their effective enough for an every day look. So without more rambling, here’s a selection of my current faves.

Maybelline Contour V Stick

I got this on a whim after growing a bit bored with the powder contour I had at the time. It was ok, but just ok. As I am normally paler than a pale thing, I wanted to get the light colour way, but as it had sold out I talked myself into the medium option. Nothing says impulse buy like that, right? Anyway now I am on the light version and the only real difference is it is slightly cooler in tone, though  not necessarily darker. You do have to blend it quite a bit to steer clear of just looking a bit grubby but on the whole its perfect for quick cheekbones, and slimmer noses. Slight disclaimer: I do tend to use this in conjunction with another contour kit for evening looks, just to give it a bit more oomph.

Maybelline Brow Drama.

Get me telling you about brows, when I am no where near a Delevingne. But anyway, I snapped this up after a recent threading session. It won’t give you that defined look, but I tend to use it to get the main shape, before creating the angles/filling in with an eyebrow powder and slanted brush.  Luckily the medium one is exactly the same colour as the Tropic brow powder.

Primarks Complete Crayon Lip and Cheek. (In store only)

The shop floor layout people at Primark obviously know what their doing,  put some cheap make up and brushes next to the men’s changing rooms and whaddya know.  A few brushes and a lip/cheek make up crayon has fallen into my basket (and into my heart)

I haven’t tried this as a blusher, but as a lip colour boy is it creamy. They come in a few shades but I love this dusky pink colour, it’s fairly natural but still has enough pigments to make you look put together.

Maybelline Colour Drama

From creamy pinks, to punchy brights. These are not the creamiest dreamiest of things admittedly. They are by no means bad to apply but it doesn’t feel exactly luxurious shall we say. They do however last a long bloody time. Even when I have a billion cups of tea it doesn’t budge. Well it does – they are brilliant at leaving their mark on a white mug – but your lips still remain the centre of attention.

I may be twenty-five but colouring pencils still have a special place in my heart, especially when they are b0und for my face it seems.