Super Simple Spring Makeup Updates

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Easy Spring Makeup Updates


I called this post ‘super simple’ because it is, there’s no fancy-schmancy colour contouring here. Sorry babes. Articles and blogs about ‘spring beauty’ always scare me slightly; it seems that we can never escape certain trends.

I love pastel-coloured hair on other people, so much so I could dedicate an entire Pinterest board to it. I’ve never ventured there though, I simply don’t think I’d be dedicated enough to my roots to rock it for more than a few weeks – plus I doubt it would be too office friendly. Also blue eyeliner makes me look less like a model on are far-flung beach and more like a 90’s amateur girl band. Weird, huh?

So instead of all that, here are three subtle but wearable make-up upgrades for Spring.

  • I could, and errr do, spend many a happy months pretending to be an extra in a wintery Burberry ad – matte skin, and though I am still searching for the one, a dark matte lip. Summer is all about the glowy dewy skin, so as we head into the warmer months -though it did snow here last weekend FYI – I like to get in the mood by amping up the highlighter.

Technically, this one is part of a Tropic Brow Kit that my boss got me a few months                back, but I’m using under the arch of my brows, cheekbones and cupids bow. This              is the only one so far that seems to highlight without being all shimmery and                          obviously just sitting on top of the skin, rather than looking like it’s all your inner                  sparkliness naturally coming out. That said, I have heard amazing things about                        Topshop’s Glow Pot – so a review of that may be coming soon.

  • I feel a bit of a traitor writing this next one. I’ve just invested in a full on Barbie pink nail polish curtesy of Barry M. I own a lot of bright polishes – until I had a sort out through my beauty draw, I didn’t know I had a thing for hot pink and citrus oranges, but Lord knows I had a lot of them. At least I can say I’ve learnt something new today. When you may be pulling out the roll neck jumpers at any moment though, I feel a subtler pastel shade is the way to go. You still feel a bit summery when you catch them in the mirror but they don’t go against the 1,000,000 million denier tights that are waiting in the wings.
  • Lipstick.Lipstick. To say I’ve had a long romance with the stuff, I don’t own that many shades. To me, Spring is symbolised in bright, bold, orangey lipstick. In the full heat of summer it can sometime feel like a bit much. Plus ice cream + bright lipstick = a lipstick all over chin scenario if your anything less than Kate Middleton graceful. Yet in Spring it can make your look a bit fresher and warmer. For some people, bright lipsticks can feel a bit scary, a bit overpowering but trust me on this one. You don’t need confidence to pull off a bright lip; a bright lip gives you the confidence. If I know I’ve got a big meeting, or day in general I will without a doubt be wearing a bright coral lip. Truth be told, I probably wear it too much, but us pale gals need a splash of colour sometimes, k.

So there you have it, three super simple spring make up upgrades; with no dodgy blue eyeliner in sight.