2015 Beauty Statement Brows Mii Cosmetics

Review: Mii Cosmetic Statement Brow Kit

Beauty 2015 Statement Brows Mii Cosmetics

Since the astronomical rise of Cara Develinge, big brows have been all the rage, however things are a changing or so am I led to believe. Beauty in 2015 is still going to feature big brows (Hurrah – because let’s face it, who plucks their brows as much as they should?) however their no longer going to be in HD.

Now I’ve never really brought into the whole HD Brow thing for some reason, the main reason I think is that basically I don’t understand them…4D, 3D, what? So I admit I’m pretty chuffed about this news. The idea for 2015 is for beautiful brows that look strong but natural. Structure the face, but don’t over power it.

I think my sister may have the same news sources that I do, as she gifted me this rather lovely kit from Mii Cosmetics.

As you can see the kit includes both a powder tipped wand and some stencils. The stencils cover different styles such as ‘high arch’ (think Marilyn Monroe) ‘natural arch’ (pretty much what it states) and petite variations of these.

2015 Beauty Statement Brows Mii Cosmetics

Although I love the idea of them, they are a faff. Positioning it, colouring it in… realising that you need an eyebrow wax. Swapping it to the other eye and getting it level or looking permanently sceptical. Pfft.

The wand however is great. My sister (who also got one for Christmas) assures me that the powder is kept in the lid; so that’s that mystery solved.

2015 Beauty statement Brows Mii Cosmetics

As I was blonde when it was bought she got me the lightest shade, but I think it’s dark enough for fair skin blonde or not. It’s easy to apply; going on surprisingly even. It also lasts a hell of a long time. In this photo I’ve been wearing it for over 12 hours through first day back in the office; and as you can see I still have eyebrows! Which is something as mine are naturally so blonde they might as well be shaved. Which is a bit annoying really.

Mii Statement Brows beauty 2015