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Outfit Of The Week: Long Black Dress

outfit of the day lipsy dress fashion blog

Although it seems a long time ago, this outfit was the outfit I wore for Valentine’s Day. Me and the boyfriend headed out for a meal in the evening, so these photos were actually taken the following day. Looking back at them, I don’t think I did my make-up as well and the hair is true bed-head but we’ll just blame that on the wine, Ok?

As it was a bit nippy (hmmm that sounds a bit rude, given its a date night doesn’t it?) I wore a leather – cough, pleather, cough – biker jacket I got in a Topshop sale last year. It gave the outfit a bit more of an edge but I didn’t feature it in the post basically because I forgot all about it during the photo sensation. Talking of which, I should probably give the boyfriend a shout out since he got dragged out of bed to take these. So yeah, cheers Paul!


One of the aspect of this dress I love (other than the slits in the skirt – one at each side, though you can’t really see them in the photos) is the lace panneling. As well as the standard areas under the bust and on the back it has pannels at the side, as you can see in the above photo.


Being the classy fashionista I am, I don’t have a flashy designer bag to show you. The one above is actually a heat proof bag my GHD’s came in. I love the design of the lace though, and the size means you can fit more than just a lipstick in it. Plus its hard as nails, ya know… just in case anyone starts anything.


My legs are probably one of the body parts I am least confident about, so instead of a proper leg shot you can just have a glimpse of my ankle. I normally steer away from this style of shoe… being short with legs that are no way near as toned as they should be means that shoes that cut me off at this point tend to just pile on even more pounds. As if I’d need them. However these are the exception to the rule.

They are mega old, so old in fact I’m not even sure when I bought them. All I know is that I got them from Boundary Mill probably during a lunch break…. so anytime between 2009 and 2014. They are so comfortable it’s untrue, the ribbon ties make me feel like a lady and they went with the dress pretty well.

So there you have it!

I can’t find any links for this dress however I can tell you its Michelle Keegan for Lipsy. There are some similar dresses on ebay here.