Lipstick Love: Maybelline Colour Sensation

maybelline coral tonic colour sensation

I thought it was high time I shared my favourite beauty buy ever. It’s a lipstick miracle by Maybelline (Colour Sensation) I wear it in Coral Tonic which is quite bright for a coral colour compared to most brands.

When I bought it and first applied it I was a bit like ‘uh-uh this was a bit brighter than I expected’ and tried to remove it. The lipstick, however had other ideas. It is amazingly long lasting, even when you don’t want it to be.

So after just blurring the edges and making it have slightly less ‘pow’ I thought sod it, applied it again and wore it to work.

Now my colleagues at the time often saw me in bright lipstick, but this one caught their attention. So much so, a girl I vaguely knew off another department (I worked in a department store at the time) came over to tell me that I was “brave” for wearing it.

I wasn’t altogether convinced this was a compliment, but I no longer cared. After catching sight of myself a few times, I’d grown to love it.

Unlike most long lasting lipsticks, it doesn’t dehydrate your lips. It does get that dreaded fading everywhere but at the edges look slightly (sob) but this is after seven hours and lots of drinks. And although you can see it, it is not glaringly obvious in a dodgy nineties lip liner way. So I think we can forgive that.

It does have an undeniable orange tone to it, as you can see in the photo.

Maybelline Colour Sensation Coral Tonic

Ok, this isn’t the most glamorous of photos, but it does show the colour. And I figured this was more important than being pinterest-worthy.

However as one colleague put it “It stops it looking tarty, with it being so bright.” It is also quite a warm orange (is there such a thing as a cool orange colour?) so even if you are as pale and pasty as me it looks good. I also think that this would look stunning on darker skin tones.

An added bonus is that this is the only lipstick I feel looks just as good applied with or without a brush, saving valuable minutes in the morning. Winner.