The Life You Lead, Is The Lesson You Leave


Hey there stranger!

First of all, I’d like to declare myself queen of the basics, and confess I bloody love a good quote. Stick it in a fancy font, and on a blogger-esque background and you can safely say it will end up as a wallpaper on my phone at some point.

Unfortunately when I first saw this quote, it didn’t have any of that. It was written in felt tip, on a whiteboard. Someone had taken a photo and wacked it on Twitter, probably hoping for a few re-tweets. But for some reason, it really struck a code with me. It resonated then, and still does.

The life you lead, is the lesson you leave.

Maybe it’s because I have a niece who is fast becoming a teenager, in a world that constantly makes us worry about our teenagers. About if they are happy enough, if the world is good enough. Either way, it got me thinking. I love working and being financially independent. I love knowing I’ve got a bloody good life, and I’ve created that life myself. Looking back, I guess this stems from the fact growing up I was surrounded by powerful women. From my mum and my sister, to my aunts and friends. They did want they wanted, how they wanted and succeeded. Whether that be in work, love or lifestyle. They weren’t afraid to be a bit different if it meant having a good time.

So now I’m reflecting on my life so far, wondering what lesson I’ll leave the younger people I know. What do I want to show?

  • I want to show that you can be hardworking, passionate and determined to be a #girlboss, but still keep family close.
  • I want to show that you can and will find someone who thinks you are the absolute bees knees, because you are.
  • I want to show that you background, or experiences don’t have to define you. You get to decide who you are, and how you’ll be.
  • I want to show that kindness isn’t a grand gesture, it’s just taking a few moments, everyday, to actually be  bothered and make an effort.
  • I want to show that even if a challenge seems too big, or too risky (like hey, lets pay for a master’s degree) sometimes you’ve just got to do it and believe it will pay off. Trust your gut.
  • I want to show that beauty standards are irrelevant, no matter what your size/skin colour/style there is always something about you that is cuter than you know.
  • Now this is sometimes a bit trickier, but I want to show you can appreciate another, without comparing. It isn’t always easy, but it’s a good habit to form.

So how do I leave these lessons? Well, I guess it’s simple. I’ve got to practise what I preach. It can’t be that hard, can it?