Elounda: A (Short) Photo Diary

Hey flowerpots!

So for those of you that missed all the #humblebrag surprise holiday posts, here’s a quick catch up: a few months ago Craig took me out to dinner and told me he had booked a surprise holiday. He’s a good egg.

I knew almost nothing about the hotel or the destination, other that it was in Crete. Anyway, I love the Greek islands and had visited Crete before, staying just outside of Heraklion. This time, Craig had booked us into the Sentido Blu in Elounda.

Whilst the resort is very much a resort it is surrounded by stunning views. You could literally see the famous Spinalonga Leper Colony from our hotel, and Agious Nicholas was a mere 4 Euro bus ride away. Top tip: If you head over the to tourist information office, just by the lake they give you a free guide with a walking route round the lake. The route takes you off the beaten track, and down some suspect looking stairs but it is so worth it!

Side note, on the way to Ag Nick, we could see Roman Abramavich’s boat causally parked up: #goals, if ever I saw it.

Normally when I go on holiday I want to see all the sites, and do all the things. However Elounda, and the hotel had such a chilled out vibe it’s been the first holiday where I was happy to just do nothing. To enjoy sitting in the sun, reading cheesy chick-flicks. The hotel spa probably helped too… Craig had arranged or us to have a full body massage, and I can very much recommend. How had I reached the grand old age of 25 without having one before?!

Elounda does require a lot of walking, and it seems I’ve reached that fateful age where you give in and buy hideous shoes that don’t threaten to severe your feet off. Goodbye dreams of morphing into a fashion blogger lol.

Maybe it was the chilled out vibes, but as I was taken photos I’d think about Instagram… and that was it. It was a thought that passed. I wanted to post them but, another part of me was just enjoying being in the moment, and taking time for away from it all. So I guess you’re going to get spammed soon, and this photo diary is the start!

Agious Nicholas

The Lake at Agious Nicholas