good things

7 Good Things: What I’m Thankful for This Week – 14.11.16

good things

I’ve wanted to get in to the swing of having a weekly structured blog post for a while now, but could never find one that seemed to fit. I can’t promise a grand selection of new buys every week, and ‘Outfit of the Week’ just seems a little bit done. Or maybe it’s the dark evenings that are putting a dampener on it.

To be honest, it’s hard to blag people into a post work photo shoot when the temperatures are below zero and they’d have to bring their own torch.

When I saw Little Miss Katy’s Happy Mondays post, I liked the idea and thought I’d put my own twist on it. So every week I’ll be post seven things I’m thankful for. Hopefully it’ll make both you and me appreciate the little things a bit more.

So year, without any more waffling here we go:

  1. Old Friends

On the Saturday just gone one of my oldest friends came home from London and we went out for good food and even better conversations. As much as I appreciate my newer friends; there is nothing quite like being with someone who knows all your embarrassing moments and is ready to share their own.

  1. Gift Guides

*Sound the crappy girlfriend claxon* Me and Craig have been together since March, and although I know what his interests are I wouldn’t be able to tell you the ins and outs of them. So oh boy am I thankful for gift guides. To be fair, a lot are rubbish and samey-samey but when you find one dedicated to the niche you need they can be a goldmine of inspiration.

  1. Cold Crisps Mornings

Even when your hungover and grumpy. Is there anything that can make you feel more awake, inspired and festive than getting wrapped up and getting out there?

  1. Herbal Tea

How grown up and mature am I? But seriously, after the crisp cold morning a herbal tea is just heaven.

  1. Solidarity

In life we have times when we feel wronged, or like things aren’t going our way. It’s a shame but its true. Thankfully nothing lightens the weight like knowing others feel the same and understand your stance.

  1. Lazy Days

As it gets to closer to Christmas everyone is talking about Christmas shopping. And then there’s all the other things that have to be done. But sometimes you just need to stay in bed with your partner til 3pm or wander round a sleepy town doing nothing but drinking hot chocolate. It’s good for the soul.

It’s especially good for the soul if you go the whole hog and get whipped cream on top. Trust me babe.

Sometimes it can make me feel guilty to ‘waste’ a day but it shouldn’t. I did write about this here, if you get like that too.

  1. Kind Words

Kindness can come from unexpected places, and that’s one of the things I’m thankful for. When I shared this post, on my Facebook I got some truly lovely comments from people that I wouldn’t have imagined reading my blog, let alone taking the time to comment. It seriously made my day.