A Day in Amsterdam… the city of pot, prostitutes and polluted canals. Or at least that’s what I thought. I was lured their by cheap mini-cruise. Because hey, it’s a change of scene right? However it was nothing like I expected. At all. I mean I *may* want a winter house there now.

We went with P&O ferries, departing from Hull. And to be fair the crossing there wasn’t the smoothest. I had about an hours sleep overall and threw up in the morning mid-contour. My Craig’s a lucky man.

Amsterdam was so worth it though. It was honestly one of the prettiest cities I have ever been. Almost every building was multi-talented: individual, instagramable and just begging for you to own it.

As we were only there for 6 hours we didn’t get to do everything we’d like – I thought we had way more time when we confirmed the trip but I guess I hadn’t looked at the details properly. I thought we had a day in Amsterdam, like a full day. My bad.

There are a good mix of attractions from a diamond centre and Ann Frank’s House to an Ice Bar and a museum dedicated to sex and erotica. Craig (being the gentleman that is) had a lucky escape, as time restraints meant I couldn’t drag him in to some of the more risqué museums and attractions. I’m just taking that as a sign that we HAVE to go back I mean, you can’t say you’ve been to Amsterdam without going to a display on the secrets of the Red Light District, can you?

As well as being as pretty as a petal, Amsterdam centre was amazingly easy to navigate and the locals were some of the most helpful people on earth. Many of them spoke English or could at least point you in the direction of someone that could.

As well as spending hours strolling round the streets, we visited the torture museum which houses things you’d only normally see in films. The sorts of films with knights, witches and damsels in those white dresses.

We also went on a canal cruise. When Craig booked it, I was secretly a bit ‘meh’ I mean. Sure, it’s abroad, but it’s still basically a canal. Now though, I am converted.

It takes you through far more of the city than you could easily (or quickly) see in one outing. The history of the buildings you passed could be listened to in multiple languages and the captain of the boat also pointed out other sites, including “Amsterdam’s prettiest view”

If you’re looking for a cheap break where you can do and explore almost anything, Amsterdam is definitely the destination for you. And me. So if you’re going, sneak me into your luggage, won’t you?