Tony Bennet left his heart in San Francisco, and this winter I have well and truly left mine in Hawarth. Though, like any responsible owner I am visiting regularly – probably too regularly, but what ya gonna do?

If any of you are literary buffs (our just like a good pub quiz) you might have heard of heard of the place; it’s where the Bronte sisters lived and wrote.

On the approach to Hawarth, it is easy to see how the place became known for great writers. The roads to the village twist and turn among the hills, they make you feel as if you are leaving the real world behind… they never fail to inspire me and make me wonder at the past generations who lived in the lonely farm houses.

If you live in south, and want to visit a ‘proper Yorkshire village’ I dare you to find one that plays to the stereotype more than this.  Set up a steep hill (you can almost feel your ass turning Kardashian as you conquer it) it boasts cobbled streets, quirky shops and good ol’ country pubs.

The roads are wide and in winter, filled with people. And there will always be one car, who has attempted to drive through the village and now cannot get faster than first gear. Packed with independent shops you can buy anything from modern home accessories to wooden carvings and crystals.

If you prefer clothes shops, there are plenty of vintage stores  and dressmakers, where you can pick up individual pieces or leave your measurements for them to create a dress and post it out to you in a fabric of your choice (though you do have to leave a deposit.)


One of my favourite shops in Hawarth is Cabinet of Curiosities. Packed full of bath bombs, soaps, candles and basically anything you need for a pamper night it claims to be where the Bronte sister’s brother bought his opium. It also stocks more unusual pieces such as palmistry models… I really want one of these, but alas… I don’t think that Craig would appreciate one turning up in the living room.

Talking about things I really want to do in Hawarth – I would love to get out on the streets early enough to beat the crowds to take some blog photos. The houses and streets are pretty beyond words, I could easily create a whole Insta theme there.

Throughout the town are country pubs, and cosy cafes – many with real coal fires. Perfect for warming up after exploring the streets! The village has events all through winter from torch lit parades and craft fairs to Steampunk weekends. You can follow the village on Facebook for details.

If you are looking for a quiet winter retreat, full of good food, log fires and winding streets, look no further than Haworth.